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Into the paintshop

The Fatadder


While I wasn't expecting to be starting any painting this year, inspired by the desire to crack on with a model of a Class 37 on my other blog coupled with a very mild day, tonight I was out in the garage getting started on some painting.  With the garage heated up in advance (and the paint warmed in a bath of hot water before heading outside), I got on with spraying some GWR green.  Between each coat the models were treated to a quick blast with a hairdryer to dry the paint in order to get the finish complete in one go.  I did find a little more issue than normal in getting paint into the corners (as usual with resprays there are a couple of touch ups needed).  I also couldn't find my paint handles so it was a little trickier to move the workpiece around. 


So now I have the green painted on the Bird, 73xx and 2251 along with their respective tenders.  On the latter there are a few areas which I need to confirm the colour (were the insides of the tender fairings painted green or black, likewise the toolboxes).

Black will all be hand painted with a weathered mix of Vallejo acrylics (given that I hate trying to mask steam locos for spraying the black).  Then I need to get on with building the chassis for 7313 and 2213, the Bird just needs a little work to make it run. 




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