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1998 Class 37s: A Summary

The Fatadder


37230: Transrail Dutch - Resprayed from a BR Blue Bachmann 37/0 with the ends modernised with high intensity headlights, fitted with Extreme Etchings roof and frost grills.  Photo taken before the glazing was refitted



37057 Viking EW&S - I need to source a cheap Bachmann split box loco ideally in EWS to renumber / rebuild the roof.  If I cant source a Bachmann model at the right price, it will eventually get made from the Accurascale model.


37403: BR Green - Respray from a Large Logo Blue loco, fitted with an Extreme Etchings roof grill, Heljan snowploughs and Dingham couplings. 




37521 English China Clays: EWS - renumber of a Bachmann 37411 which has been fitted with  second hand set of Bachmann 37/5 ends.  A favourite loco, this is earmarked as the first of my EWS 37/4s to get the Extreme Etchings treatment.  I am also having thoughts about replacing the numbers with the Railtec product (rather than the Fox ones that have been used which are the wrong colour).  The nearest grills also need to be replaced with the one piece type.



37612 DRS - This loco had previously been converted into refurbished condition, but has now been backdated to 1998 pre WIPAC lights.  It has had a full respray and an Extreme Etchings grill.  The model still needs a little finishing (the DRS Logos are the wrong type in that they have the web address, while the doors on one side are missing.



37672 in Transrail 



37667 Meldon Quarry Centenary - Another renumber of a 37411, as with 521 it still needs modifications to the end grills along with an Extreme Etchings roof grill and new transfers.  One side is fitted with a Sandite port that the prototype didn't gain until after my modelling period.  This will need to be undone (along with repairing the (2000s) end damage and black headcode boxes.)



37670 St Blazey Church: EWS livery - Kernow Models ltd, just needs the weathering improving.




Photo to follow





37??? - Triple Grey Livery > there are two options for this loco, one much more suitable for Wheal Imogen (and my future plan) than the other, however is more interesting (and suitable for another project).  Option 1 is to model it in Transrail livery as 37671 Tre Pol & Pen, It is the last of the traditional named 37/6s to add to the fleet, however I do already have one in Transrail (and 4 existing clay 37/6s).  The alternative is to model 37607 in DRS branded triple grey with a flush front, I do have plans for a small nuclear flask layout.

Currently it is in RFD. 




Photo to follow





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