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1998 Fleet: Other locos - A Summary

The Fatadder


Finally its on to the "other" classes for which the fleet doesn't contain enough locos to make up a whole page.  As per the Class 37s and 47s in each case locos are fitted with P4 wheels (Maygib or Ultrascale) and a Lenz Gold decoder, plus etched names where needed.  Photos have all been taken from previous blog posts and are not necessarily in current condition, the intention is that everything will be re-photographed on my photo plank to get a decent image of each loco.  Putting the loco number in the search bar should take you to the appropriate blog posts.


Class 20s

20301 -DRS - Still need to source a non running Bachmann 20 to convert 

20302 - DRS - Bachmann Class 20 converted to DRS condition (scratch built fuel tanks, missing bodyside grill added using parts hidden by the fuel tanks, Extreme Etchings window frames and roof grill, my own etch for the WIPACs.  Needs handrail  / OHLE stripe adding.


Class 31s

31452 Minotaur - Fraggonset - Hornby model

31466 - EWS - Respray of Hornby BR Blue model, fitted with Extreme Etchings roof grill and Hornby surround.



Class 33s

33116 Hertfordshire Railtours  - BR Blue - Heljan model with corrected fuel tank, bogies modified with springs recessed back from sideframes, Extreme Etchings roof grill and lower fairing resprayed in Blue.  The photo is a little cruel on the roof grill paint, though its not a perfect match (the roof needs weathering to blend in the different colour of blue.)


33/2 project > will be either 33202 in Dutch 33202 on Flickr or 33207 in Mainline triple grey (although had just been withdrawn in 1998).  It will be a respray of a loco currently in Fraggonset with the old Shawplan brass roof grill (missing a name plate) and will get the Extreme Etchings side grill as well as the roof grill.


Class 43 HST

43157 and 43155 in Virgin livery both have been renumbered (adding HMS Penzance and Virgin XC transfers) 43155 still needs etched plates.


43007 and 43151 in Intercity, renumbered Hornby powercars as a pair still in GWT service in Intercity livery, 43007 (with guards window) also saw some service with Virgin Cross Country.



43168 and 43xxx Great Western in GWT Merlin livery, Lima models fitted to current generation Hornby chassis.



Class 58

58047 EWS - Heljan model - 58s were not exactly common in my area, the Laira fuel turn being the most likely to have a 50 show up on it.  I haven't found a photo in EWS yet, so if I do this will be renumbered to match


58015 - Mainline Triple Grey - Heljan model which has had the paint on the bodyside grills corrected.  + a renumber (for which it was necessary to respray the cab sides.)



Class 59

59004 Original Foster Yeoman - Lima model that has been fitted to a rebuilt Bachmann Class 66 chassis 



Photo to follow




59001 Revised Foster Yeoman - Lima model fitted with new lighting



Photo to follow



59101 ARC - Lima body mounted on rebuilt Bachmann class 66 chassis - Work on the bogie frames is still in progress, while it will need a respray form Hanson to ARC.  Roof details have already been modified.



Class 60

60025 EW&S Hornby Model


60007 Loadhaul - another Hornby model 



Photo to follow




60081 I K Brunel in GWR 150 livery - out of scope for the layout, now transferred to Brent to power the track cleaner.



Photo to follow




Class 66

66001 The plan is to eventually model this from a Hattons model (replacing a previously converted Bachmann model), it will need new horn grills, repositioned lifting eyes and EWS red side grills.


Class 67

67003 EWS - Lima model detailed with my own etches, now pending a respray into EWS red and gold




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