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New 3d printer - Ender 5 Pro

Fen End Pit


My clever wife bought me a new 3D printer for Christmas (how did she guess what I wanted?)



I was a bit concerned because the box was shipped direct from China by FedEx via what appears to be a puddle at Cologne Airport. Creality customer service were very helpful and we decided it was worth trying to build it and just replace any bits if we found they had been damaged. In the end everything went together very easily ( about 30-45 minutes assembly to first print) and I managed to print off the sample 'little dog'.



The only issue I had was that the print bed was just slightly bent and trying to get it level just using the four leveling screws proved difficult. This wouldn't be a problem for small pieces but trying to print large models would have been impossible.


Fortunately I had already fitted a BLTouch probe to my old Wanhao duplicator i3 plus printer and I decided to move this onto the new Ender 5. This device allows the printer to detect the actual position of the bed and the firmware then adjusts for any differences in height. The mounting bracket was printed off prior to fitting.



You can see that a diagnostic test of a single layer print adhered well to the bed and gave a decent evenly printed part. I was a little scared of doing the additional wiring and firmware update to make this work but in the end it went pretty smoothly following some decent guides on Youtube.


As I had white filament supplied with the printer and it is Christmas I found a polar bear on the thingiverse to print. It came out really nicely and the layer surface finish is excellent for a filament printer though it is hard to see in the pictures as my camera seems to refuse to focus on the part properly.



You'll probably be wondering why I wanted another filament printer. Well while I think the Anycubic Photon is great for the small detail work in resin but the old Wanhao was still used for 'structural' bits like servo mounts and uncoupling magnet mechanisms. It is very noisy compared with the new Ender 5 and I wanted something that I could do various upgrades to.


Festive greetings to you all.





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We bought the father in law an Ender 3 for his birthday back in the summer. The included vinyl bed mat gave no end of adhesion issues, changing it to their glass version solved it all instantly.

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Looking at getting a 3d printer.. is it a good one for a noob to learn on? Finally settled on Creality (want a Prusa but can't justify the price) but scratching head on 5 Pro or 3 v2.. thoughts much appreciated. 

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I think either would be a decent machine and be a good first printer. I don't have experience of the Ender 3 v2 but have been happy with my Ender 5. I like how I have been able to make modifications to it to add automatic bed leveling with a BLtouch probe and change out the cooling fans to something a little quieter (not that the original were too bad). The amount of support and information online is excellent, folks like kersey fabrications and teaching tech on Youtube are particularly good.

Have fun


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Like you, my wife bought me an Ender 5 Pro for Christmas. Assembled it - no problem. Switched on - got the TMC error message. I’m stumped as to what to do. Did you have same problem - if so how did you fix it? Thanks


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2 hours ago, stanierfan said:

Like you, my wife bought me an Ender 5 Pro for Christmas. Assembled it - no problem. Switched on - got the TMC error message. I’m stumped as to what to do. Did you have same problem - if so how did you fix it? Thanks


Hi Allan

Sorry I've not seen that error so can't really help. I guess first thing would be to double-check all the cabling is correct.


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That would make sense, I upgraded the firmware on mine almost immediately because I added a BLTouch on mine.


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