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The Little People.




The little people in 4mm scale.


Creating figures in 4mm scale is a bit of a hit and miss affair for me. When sculpting the face, some figures turn out great, while others turn into real monsters. The initial  sculpting is done in dental plaster or chalk from which a silicone rubber mould is created.  From this mould is cast a white metal figure which is further detailed to become a 'master figure'. If multiple copies of the same figure are required, then a second silicone rubber mould is made from the 'master figure', and multiple copies taken from this.


A process is also illustrated on how to make a silicone rubber multi cavity production  tool for use with the centrifuge casting method. Most, if not all of the components  used in this process are either home made or modified from other components, for  instance, two parts of the centrifuge were actually once part of a mini alternator.



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Impressive modelling.


I'd agree with compound, there is an art to sculpting figures, those are full of character.


I have tried it and failed miserably. 

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Seems a liittle strange that this 8 year blog should receive your kind comments at the exact same time that I'm actually carving a new figure for 'De Snitzlton', I don't do these figures all that often.  John, I've never found carving these figures easy, it's allways been a bit of a challenge,  some turn out good, while others end up in the bin. The latest figure I'm working on is a 'Steam Assisted Operator' carved directly from brass, and not looking to good at the moment.




Thanks All

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