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Lots of varied work this week.


Primary focus at home was the Tau.   I finished magnetizing & building the Crisis Battlesuits from the first of my two boxes.


These get tucked away in a case somewhere for a few months until it is painting season again.


I started building the next box.   Back to basic infantry.


Only just started, though.   These go together very quickly.   Again, shake-the-box.


I experienced some drama in Dungeons & Dragons.    My existing character died.    Now, instead of writing 'Jr.' next to the dead character's name, I wrote a new character.   New character calls for a new model.   Finding the right model took some work, though.   I decided to be unique in my equipment.   Can you imagine how hard it is to find a soldier with a shield, but leather armor?  Lucked out;


I equipped a whip as a main weapon on paper, so I modified the mini.   I notched the right arm about the elbow.   I slight amount of force straightened the arm to a more natural pose for a whip.    I clipped the sword the model was originally equipped with.    I drilled the molded handle .033, and fitted a length of .032 solder.   Putty filled the notched elbow.  I think it works.


Finally, Friday and Monday saw me complete the last two snap-fit kits I had on hand.   Friday was a machine from the anime Eureka Seven.


Eureka Seven is set in a far-future alien world plagued by strong waves of energy.    Of course the natural solution is giant robots that surf said waves.   Why not?  This kit worked out to the same scale as my normal Gundam kits, but boy, was it lackluster.   Joints are oversimplified, motion is limited, and color separation was pretty bad.    I don't know if I want to paint it, or forget it exists.  We'll see.


Monday was Revell Germany's recent Deutz kit.20200113_130438.jpg.1b31edeb1a36c6f14d35552b68b67ee6.jpg

I forgot how simple automotive snap kits could be.    This kit definitely deserves paint.   I chose not to apply stickers because of that.  Still, the engraving and fit are both pretty good.    Looks halfway decent as it is.


See the comments below for more.   I ran out of file space.

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As promised, more.   I dropped $300 on three used Imperial Knights.   That is actually a savings of $170(before tax) over buying them new.  Wow.   20200110_055115.jpg.dbc2d4f8dab9d9b87992006ca36f9373.jpg20200110_060515.jpg.8a16c6d80bfd1a24c44577332748e08d.jpg20200110_060817.jpg.74334c4e64aed6830745cad1682da5e4.jpg

I've already performed repairs where needed.   I simply forgot to photograph such things.   Such is life.   These are low priority, though.    I need to find someplace to stash them.  Like everything else.

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