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Super Bowl



Just spent the evening on the sofa in Bradenton, Fla. with a big bag of crisps, half a dozen Budweiser and the Super Bowl. My good wife has occupied herself with her customary clattering about with the dinner plates, wittering on about “is it finished yet” etc but I give her no heed at such times. 


I wont post any spoilers for those watching on Monday...


I don’t pay American football much attention, in the U.K.; I simply don’t have the time. I don’t feel any particular attachment to any NFL team, although I did change my itinerary to watch my nephew play at High School, a couple of years ago. I watch the NFL Show when the opportunity offers, but otherwise I tend to feel that it doesn’t fare too well out of context. 


However if I’m in the US, that’s a different matter. 


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