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Bristol Barrow Road - Ash Plant Buildings



There are a lot of small buildings and structures in any shed yard not least those associated with the ash disposal plant. My latest efforts have focused on two of these - the small concrete building used by staff working the ash pit and a brick built shed which I believe housed the ash plant controls. Both are shown in the following photo.




The first model to be attempted is the concrete shed, the dimensions of which are scaled from photos in my collection, which is probably a Taunton product which appeared at the shed in the late 1950's.

The model is constructed from plasticard and suitably weathered.












Interesting as the model is position over a board joint.





The following photo, taken in 1965, has some clutter on the roof which I might add at some later stage.





Now for the ash plant control hut.










IMG_20200408_111941254 (2).jpg

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Looks very good Robin. I'm amazed that the prototype didn't get a lot grubbier but I guess it was still fairly new when the photo was taken.

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Hi John,


Yes it was only there for around 8/10 years. Definitely not there in 1955.

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Another nice bit of detail to help add to the atmosphere. In the first photo, there appears to be rather less debris on the roof, so I wouldn't over-do it. Like the rickety old table on the running line side and the very basic fence between the shed area and said running lines.


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Robin, excellent work. The brick built shed housing the controls for the ash plant looks a right hell hole!

Looking forward to the next build.



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