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Bristol Barrow Road - Ash Plant Buildings 2




The next building on my list is the brick built shed next to the ash plant which I believe housed the plant control equipment.


The model is made from plasticard with overlays of Slaters english bond brickwork. The ladder rom the ground to the roof of the building together with the longer one to the platform on the ash plant are scratchbuilt using 1mm x 0.3mm nickel silver strip whilst the steps are 0.45mm wire. The mortar course is a wash of black acrylic which is then sand back to leave the a nice finish for the bricks.
















Photo Copyright  Robin Whittle















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Beautiful work, Robin. The building looks just right. 


Kind regards,



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Not very realistic - you've got the loco number wrong!

Kidding - it looks very good. The ladders must have been quite a job without etched stiles(?).



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Great stuff Robin, Barrow Road really is starting to come together. 


We've had two wet days here so I am out of the garden and have been building more 16T minerals.

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Looking good, and I’d not seen the skew bridge before, very nice indeed. You can’t beat a good skew bridge!

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Lovely load of ground scatter to model. What do you think the two round topped post were - some sort of fire iron rest? Interesting that there appears to be a fire iron resting against the ladder on a lighting column?

Have fun.


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I was wondering what they were and I'm sure you are correct with the fire-iron rest.  With the support brackets missing or broken it doesn't appear it got much use. This is supported by other photos in my possession.



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The ladder assembly looks brilliant, I suspect that the ladders were far more difficult than the building.

Excellent work.



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David, thank you for your kind comments. I am in the process of upgrading the Bachmann ash plant as the lifting mechanism supplied is plastic and rather fragile. Brass replacement pending. The other ladders are overscale ie 1foot 6in gap between steps.

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