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Great Eastern Promise. Oxford BR N7 finished as Cambridge 31A's 69620



The Oxford N7 in my eyes is something of a bargain and Oxford have captured the look of these distinctive engines nicely.


It is representative of the N7/4 sub-class I believe so is only suitable for a small number of members of the class.


I wanted to model a Cambridge 31A example and discovered a number were allocated there in the mid-1950`s. Choosing an identity was made easier by finding a snap of 69620 at Cambridge Station in 1957.


N7 Part 1


One of the problems identified with the Oxford model was how much the couplings protruded. To solve this I cut back the existing NEM pockets. Then by using a modified Bachmann coupler I was able to glue these in place. 


31A of this parish also kindly highlighted that there should only be a reversing lever on the driver's right side so the one underneath the boiler on the left was gently cut off with a sharp scalpel.


Wheel rims were inked in with a Sharpie black indelible pen as were the silver painted window frames and cab door beading. The whistle and safety valves were also touched in with Vallejo black acrylic.


Following on from this the coupling rods were lightly distressed with a fibreglass burnishing pen then had a number of washes of a combination of German Grey and Dark Rust. 


Buffers were also given the fibreglass pen treatment then brushed with Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black which was cleaned off with a cotton bud. Vacuum pipes were painted in with Vallejo white then red for the buffer beam area. 

N7 Part 1


The cab roof and running plate were sprayed with Vallejo German Grey. The smokebox door had the printed numberplate/shedcode plate removed with T-Cut. Also the undernourished smokebox door handle was replaced with a brass Eileen's Emporium example sprayed with Hycote grey primer and satin black.


The smokebox was sprayed with German Grey having masked the boiler off with Tamiya masking tape. 


The existing bunkerside loco numbers were also removed with T-Cut. A piece of Tamiya masking tape acted as a straight edge to renumber to 69620 using Fox Transfers. These were sealed with a light a light dusting of Johnson Floor Polish. The loco received several brush applied coats of the same product to lift the finish. 



N7 Part 1


The bunker received a load of real coal glued in with a PVA/Water mixture. 


New smokebox numberplate from the excellent Pacific Models. The 31A shedcode plate was from Fox also. 


N7 Part 1


Weathering wise a dusting of Vallejo home brewed track colour on the wheels and lower body. On the top of the smokebox/boiler a few passes of Vallejo black/German grey. 


Other than crew and lamps all done. A nice project worth completing and in my eyes lifts this lovely model. 






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Very well done!!


Always  nice to see some work like that which makes a very good model look, out standing!



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13 hours ago, Norton Wood said:

Very well done!!


Always  nice to see some work like that which makes a very good model look, out standing!




Thankyou Norton Wood for your kind words.  It was a lovely project to work on. 


The model itself has some lovely detail particularly the detail around the Westinghouse pump stands out. 


It runs nicely too. 





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