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    Cardiff...Not the California Cardiff...or the Cardiff in New South Wales both of which are probably a lot less flippin' damp.
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    Lambsdown. A pre-WW1 corner of Kent where the storm clouds of war have yet to gather.

    Ewe. A Sheep, The Works Forecat and George, the mischievous apprentice in a bucolic East Anglian backwater.

    Sheep Dip, an small industrial something, somewhere or thereabouts, where rather charming little green engines can scamper about.

    Bleat Wharf. A bucolic corner of the dear old S&DJR in 4mm, modelled in a state of distress. { The railway, not me }

    Mutton, an odd corner of the splendid old L&SWR inhabited by some fine examples of Victorian engineering and blessed with unflincing eternal optimism.

    Sheep Lane, a small Ex-S&DJR goods yard on a shelf layout. My first layout, completed, exhibited and published. The start of it all.

    Throughout all of this, I continue to explore the possible modelling applications of Swedish furniture.

    The photography of Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough documents the molluscesque progress of all matters.

    Bath Railway Enthusiasts And Sylvan Travel Society. {B.R.E.A.S.T.S}

    Refining the Horrocksford Shovel to the point of no return......

    Sheep and their involvement in the less well known corners of the S&DJR, the L&SWR and their role in all things railwaylike.

    Zen and the art of railway modelling.

    Fry ups.

    And if course we must not forget The Memsahib, Memsahib Minor and NHY 581 Jnr.

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  1. As one who enjoys doing a bit of weathering, that is truly first class and something to aspire to. Rob.
  2. Chris H's ( @Gilbert ) Cropper street features in the current edition of Railway Modeller, an excellent article. Come and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.
  3. Great. Make sure there's something for Ellie as well.
  4. Carry on Old Boy. It will be lovely to see the three of you.
  5. Nice to see, Alex. Upwell Drove was one of the inspirational layouts behind Ewe. In fact, it helped to kickstart my interest in all things East Anglian branchlineage
  6. Oh and as if I'd forget............ As Gwen tells us, 7, YES, 7 days to go. In fact the hall will be a veritable hive of activity with multiple erections as layouts are placed in accordance with the carefully conceived floor plan. Which reminds me...........
  7. Morning all, This morning we highlight the last of our demonstrators, Stu Hilton aka your own, your very own @Stubby47 Stu is a fixture at SWAG and no members day is complete without him. To locate him within the hall, just follow the trail of chocolate cake crumbs to his table. If you have a need for a bespoke build then Stu is your man. He can obviously be chatted to on the day or contacted via the internet.... https://www.stubby47.com/ Here are a few examples of his trade. Sit down and have a chat because that's what he's there for. Rob
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