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Bristol Barrow Road - Sand Dryer



Further work on the buildings continues with the 'new' sand dryer building, which from aerial photos in my my possession was built in the late 1940s






I found a stock of old Formcraft bricks which I decided to use to build the front with it's pillars and use slaters english bond sheet for the remainder. On reflection this was probably not my best idea as it took rather longer to build than anticipated. 









My first attempt at adding 'sand' by using talc did not convince so I raided that grand daughters covered sand pit - with permission - a borrowed a cup full.







Next building project is to clad the arches of Barrow Road with Wills coarse stone........



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Very nicely done, Robin. Looks as if you will need to add quite a bit of random debris on the roof.

Also, one minor point. I see from the first photo that the structure was actually built with a Jubilee behind it, not a Black Five. I'm sue you'll be able to fix that before final installation.


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Very realistic Robin. You have been a busy chap with that and the work on the bridge.

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Very convincing and in the same vien as the surrounding buildings. :)

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