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Bristol Barrow Road - Proscale Princess built by Alan Sibley




Earlier this year I came into possession of a Proscale Princess which was originally built by Alan Sibley. The model,46200 Princess Royal, was DC with a Portescap motor and I have converted it to DCC for use on Barrow Road - not strictly prototypical but I like the model.
Alan obviously was sparing in his use of solder to assemble the kit as I had to re-attach a lot of small parts which fell off when I breathed on them!!!
Hope you like the video

46200 Princess Royal

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You must have put the bits back on to good effect - it's running very nicely. An enthusiasts special or football supporters train, perhaps?


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A possibility. A Duchess did pay a visit to Bristol, I think on a special, but went to St Philips Marsh shed for servicing. I need to check my records.

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I'm sure I've seen piccies of Princess Elizabeth visiting Robin and I thought she was serviced on Barrow Road at the time. I'll let you know if I find any evidence! :-) 

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Paul, I checked the comprehensive data that Patrick sent me and have identified 46220 Coronation visiting Bristol on Thursday 7th Feb 1963 with the 1V86 0.45 ex Manchester which arrived at Bristol TM at 6.30am. As mentioned I believe it was serviced at the Marsh but I've not found evidence of the return diagram.

I'd be interested if you find anything

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