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Cooper Craft GWR 'Mink' V5 Van

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I had picked up a Cooper Craft GWR diagram V5 'Mink' at my club's swap meet some time back.  Decided I would start on it, feeling on-trains but not interested in bringing the iron back out.   20200723_203609.jpg.590d67a94adb38d9892db3497f30a238.jpg


I didn't get too far in one evening.    I set the top-hat bearings in the W-irons, glued an end to the side.   I know I need to alter the bracketry on the solebars.   Sadly, apparently an accurate V5 isn't possible with just this kit.   Pertinent parts for the DCI or II brakes aren't present.   Only a Morton brake is supplied.   Shame, though I doubt many stateside would notice.   I also couldn't find my fishing weights I use as wagon weights, either.   I wanted to have the ballast set up before I needed the floor.   I'll have to look some other time.

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Wizard do the old Mainly Trains etch that will enable you to do most of the DCII brake gear.  Bill Bedford does DCIII brakes but unfortunately his DCI etches are no longer available.

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