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CR D38 Glass wagon part 2

Dave John


The main assemblies for the wagon are now largely complete.


Frame has been detailed, spring castings should have more leaves but those look ok to my eye.




Body has the sides fitted. and the floor is planked. Note the holes in the body sides. I think these were to enable the screw clamps to be tightened up when used at a lower level, together with a pair of clamps at the bottom of the well.




The fiddly bit was making the support frames. This has taken me three attempts to get the proportions right and find a method for glueing all the bits together. I will cut away the part between the bottoms of the uprights after painting, for now its useful for strength and ease of handling.










A photo of it all sat together. It looks the part, but I wish I had some better idea of the design of the interior parts. However I suspect that such info has now long vanished.









A coat of primer and bolthead detailing next.






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Oh, that would make life far too simple Compound. The CR went for a completely different design. 


The photos in the wagon books show the top half of the supports clearly, complete with what appears to be a roller assembly at the apex. The cross bar and the tops of the triangular stiffeners can also be seen, though I have had to approximate the angle. 


The height of the sides is known, so scaling the other dimensions is straightforward, certainly to within the accuracy that I can cut styrene. 

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You have made a very unusual and attractive wagon.  The frame in the first photos looks remarkably insubstantial but I suppose the addition of the body has stiffened everything up.  Those mounts must have been tricky things to build but I think they look very good.

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Those support frames are very impressive, especially because all four look so identical.


White styrene and brass look so good together, almost a shame to paint it!

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