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Signal Kit Build - Paint



And so to painting and finishing. First off was to pop out to the garden and spray it with good old Hafords etch primer (the can's about eight years old and still going strong). Before I did this I intended to mask the lamp 'lenses' with a bit of Blue Tac but forgot. I got away with it. The signal was then appropriately decorated. The black is possibly a bit shinier that intended, I'm going with having a very keen S&T Dept rather than mess about. The grey is just the aforementioned Halfords Primer. I messed about for ages (earlier posts) trying to find the 'perfect' grey/aluminium colour and finally, after much opening of tins of grey paint and mixing such, picked a Humbrol grey - that is exactly the same colour as the primer. Hey ho!


Then the control rods/wire/things were added and finally the blind for the back of the lamp fixed and painted. Apart from touching up a bit of grey where the black missed all is done.


Other activities have been going on, clay, paint, signal wires, painting signal wires, 'rooting' the trees properly and so on. With most of the on-going stuff being more scenic until I can get more track and/or buildings and walls I think the next workshop project will be building second banner repeater. This isn't for the layout, but you get two in the kit so I may as well make it and put it on eBay rather than let it fade into the spares box.


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