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Chevrons and waterfilled barriers...

Paul Robertson


A bit of detail at the base of the cliffs today with crushed chalk added and some more signage and traffic management. 


I wanted to make some water filled traffic barriers like this. 



(this is the sort of thing I was after) 


I started with some trusty balsa cutting into three strips and sticking it together. 



(balsa strips stuck together) 


Having stuck the strips together I chopped them into scale 1m sections before painting them white and red



(painted red and white. I then drew two black spots on each side of the base to represent the forklift lifting slots) 


They were then stuck on the the road to reinforce traffic movement at the top of embankment. 



(barriers in place. I made up some spare to stack in the corner of the yard) 


Having completed this I stuck down some chalk I had ground up along the base of the cliff. 



(bashing up chalk with a hammer) 



(chalk stuck to base of cliff with watered down pva) 



(more chalk along the cliff) 


Having completed this I then put some chevrons along the base of the cliff to keep vehicles on the straight and narrow. 



(chevron signs fitted to the base of the cliff) 



(and the other side...) 



Thanks for reading.. 

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Possibly a bit late, but on rock faces close to a road near where I live, there is a kind of mesh netting pinned over the cliff face to force falling rocks downwards rather than falling out onto the road. Would you see something like that on your cliff faces, the road being so close to their base? If so, how on earth would you model it in N gauge? (I'm certain you'd successfully find a way!)

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