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A place to stay...

Paul Robertson



With the advancement of the back scene into the townscape I needed to create some building facades to try and link the painted back scene with the main model. The first building I tried was to the left of the station bridge. I thought this might work nicely as a slightly down at heal establishment whose heyday of catering for well to do passengers eager to catch the first ferry of the morning to get into Paris by midday has long since gone. Its clientele are now more likely to be railway workers at of place for the evening, or business travellers needing a quick booking. 


So I started off by cutting out some thin balsa wood and then cutting further thin strips to make some eaves. IMG_20210115_220533.jpg.847790bec6289a811392ac66720dc390.jpg

(balsa wood about to be covered with brick paper) 


I thought as the hotel was likely to be built at the same time as the original harbour station that a similar brick paper would be suitable. 


I then made up a sign to advertise the hotel to station passengers who might have missed their connection and are in need of a last minute bed for the night. 



(harbour hotel sign put on.)


I then started painting on the rest of the building in perspective onto the back scene. Lots of masking tape was employed to get the right perspective lines. 



(painting on hotel front wall with the top row of windows) 


I used my acrylic pens to add the details to the roof and windows. 



(working on the next building using the same technique) 


I worked my way down the terrace of buildings using this technique with less detail as we got to the end of the street. Having completed this I then made a couple of outline industrial units to go to the right of the bridge. 



(corrugated industrial units made out of some leftover sheet I had in my modelling tin)


This was painted up in the dull corporate Seahaven blue that other metal structures around the port have been painted (they must get a job lot of it and then paint everything that might corrode) 



(once painted up I then painted in the perspective roof again masking off to get the right perspective lines.)


Having painted on the roof for the units I then used my paint pens to put on some skylights. The rough idea are these are part of the customs warehouse. 



(completed station backscene) 


Having completed the station backscene I then painted a backscene for the ferry so it feels like the ferry extends further than the model. 



(getting the block colour in place) 



(ferry backscene complete) 


I might start on the port control tower next. I feel I'm getting there. 


Thanks for reading





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