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Kyle - Overlaying...

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Update - Work on the track was not a great success last night so tonight saw a bit of experimentation with the rolling stock.


The bodywork of 37420 has received some filler to allow the remaining two grill etches to be placed however I realised tonight that Farish and 'Boots' nail varnish removal pads are not happy bed fellows.....whilst cleaning up some of the body, the pads reacted with the paintwork - will have to assess further when dry :icon_mutter:


Meanwhile, I thought I would have a first go at one of the MK I TSO's using Adam of 'Electrarailwaygraphics' overlays as shown in one of my previous posts.


I managed to get a few Mk I's from Hattons prior to Christmas to use as doner coaches. I would have preferred blue/grey as a base but considering you completely remove the paintwork it seemed irrelevant which livery so I took the cheapest MK I and MK II's on offer.


First step was to remove the paint from the sides using Brasso and Elbow grease....Must admit, this took quite a time, but it is crucial to the process. The vinyls were then removed from the sheet and laid on in place before smoothing down. The finish should receive a coat of matt varnish.


The coach will still need some alterations to the roof and perhaps the underframe[?] as well as DG's etc. 2FS replacement coach wheels have been added though.


I attach a few photos of the 'in progress' MK I TSO in Blue/grey Scotrail livery. I think perhaps the overlay edges could do with a coat of something to try and lose the white line [Adam is currently advising on this] I have include a comparison shot against a Farish MK I BSK, bought some 20 years ago. There is a difference in colour between the two, but in theory, the Mk I TSO's [and the MK II rake] will be run as fixed rakes so is not really an issue.


Comments as ever are welcome.



Bachfar doner coach prior to removal of paint from sides...



Overlays - top one has been removed for use...



Coach with overlay in place...roof seems to bow up in the middle and needs a drop of glue...



Scotrail MK I TSO on the left and 20 year old Faish on the right...

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I've never been convinced by vinyls in the past, but these don't seem too bad in comparison. What's the plan for the underframe Pete?



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Me too...I was always slightly cautious of them but until Farish or Dapol knock out a decent extensive range of coaching stock [i.e. covering more than just an open and a brake ;)] then Adam's range offers a solution to the problem of flexibility. I will have a go at the green and cream Mk II rake + 101 observation car soon and report back.


In terms of the underframe I need to do a bit more homework. I think Ian Stoate offers some underframe components for Mk II's and perhaps the Association shop has some suitable goodies too :)

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