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White Coach Roof Weathering

Mick Bonwick


I have been asked, and sometimes see questions, about weathering colouring of white coach roofs. I have ploughed through books and looked at photographs and decided that in the days when such roofs were in mainline service they discoloured fairly evenly and quite quickly. I have seen many references to such roofs in preserved service and it seems to me that they do not weather in the same way because their use differs.


This is a personal view!


I have attempted to replicate this process using Railmatch Roof Dirt, the tone of which has been randomly altered by adding Weathered Black at times, thinned a lot with white spirit, and applied in very thin layers from about 30cm away. The results:



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Look good to me, and I entirely agree, that whilst Pullman livery in particular often shows white roofs, these can only be ex-works, because every other picture of them in traffic shows a uniform grey!

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Aim the airbrush along the roof from a fairly high angle every three of four coats. Note that the coats are very thin - almost not visible.

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I don't know if the attached photo is of any interest, being the VSOE set in 1991, being pulled by 73101 on its maiden trip after repaint.


Even the pampered VSOE set is a bit grubby on the roofs, and as you say its use is far less intensive than that of Pullmans in service.



A761028 copyweb4.jpg

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Most useful, John, thank you. Interesting dirt distribution, especially for coaches/cars behind a non-steam locomotive.

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