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Time to show some activity to prove I'm still alive !




The Wagon Works has been active since the end of January when I last posted in my Blog thread.

I'll have to check through exactly how much as once a project is finished, or nearly finished I just

get on with the next thing and forget what's already gone under the bridge.


One I have done half-cock as per usual is a Cambrian 10 ton ballast wagon. I thought I'd add some

spoil from a small job, but was too impatient to await weathering first.




I should add some more 'stuff', but this wagon is on my 'new' shunting layout that I've probably not mentioned on RMWeb

An interesting project to drive, but also difficult to get the required slow running through Peco insulated Set-Track points.

Then sorting out the Kadees. Nearly there, I think.


Geoff T.


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Looks good. The load has clearly been around for a while! 


I like the fence in the foreground, is that a proprietary item?

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Hi Mikkel,


Yes, laying abandoned - should have given a serious weathering first.


That fencing is Ratio #144, comes as a pack of stanchions with shortish

lengths of stainless wire. The holes seem ideal for longer lengths of brass

wire I have here. You don't get much for a fiver, but then you'd have severe

difficulty making something like that at home.

I've used it once before :-




There are so many small accessories available that many go unnoticed.


Geoff T 

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