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Kyle - Strange hybrid...now with images...

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Update - Well with the recent probs with the server, one would think a perfect opportunity to catch up with some modelling, right?...wrong :(

Unfortunately, this was timed with a work deadline which has taken all available day and night hours from my modelling. However, by way of an update.....


You may recall that I decided to redo my EASITRAC turnouts as I was having trouble with the common crossing. I decided to remove the premade turnout base and rebuild the turnout using EASITRAC sleeper strip, possibly substituting a few PCB strips around the common crossing to strengthen it. The requisite order was made to the 2FS shop however, knowing that I would have to await for International post timings I decided to experiment in the meantime.


I have made a hybrid of glueing the EASITRAC chairs to PCB strip using cyno adhesive and then adding the frog initially which will be followed by the wing rails. I had made the common crossing in one piece but I seem to have trouble removing it from the jig without collapsing it in the process....hence this strange approach.


This was done about 2 weeks ago, following my last entry, however in the meantime, the EASITRAC sleeper strips have arrived. I am tempted to keep going with this though, strange as it is and see how it turns out. A few pics will be attached when I work out how to do it via a remote link :rolleyes:


1 March tomorrow, which means 75 days until the BHMRC exhibition...and still no trains running....Yikes...





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Recommended Comments

Hello Pete :)


Stick with the pointwork, I know you will figure it out soon.


75 days? Cripes! I know how you feel about that! Its more than a bit scary when you put it like that!


Missy :blink:

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Missy - thanks - my limited track building skills are making a right dogs breakfast of this but I will get there in the end!


Yep....and of that 75 days, I am currently only getting two spend 2 evenings a week on it!

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Nick - thanks....although Coombe junction has been withdrawn from the Expo and the 75 days refers to a small exhibition in sussex that Kyle is debuting at...so my pacemaker remains connected I am afraid!...

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Those points are coming on fine. Once you get the hang of it you'll find a method to suit you. I presume you know the mirror trick. Place a mirror on the track to look for misalignments by swivelling the mirror.


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I presume you know the mirror trick. Place a mirror on the track to look for misalignments by swivelling the mirror.



Donw - Thanks - Didn't know the mirror trick - I was hoping you were going to say, when you look in the mirror, the turnouts don't look as bad as they really are!

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Looking good Pete, keep that ball rolling mate.


Cheers Bryn - If I can get past the track hurdle than I am hoping it will start coming together quickly....it needs to!

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