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Deltic Prototypes - Dapol Body Almost Done (2)



One side done, ready for handrails and varnish biggrin.gif




Bit of a disappointment that the Fox nose plates (the ones under the fake headlamp) are too long for the Dapol body, not sure who is at fault, but I've had to trim the "The" and "Ltd" off the ends to get them to fit ohmy.gif


Hand rails are going to be made from Hornby steel handrail wire, I'm going to have to fabricate some form of jig/gauge to make sure they are all the same length (two sizes), b ut it's getting there biggrin.gif



EDIT: Both sides done now, just the handrails to do then varnish, glazing and wipers


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Wow - lovely tidy job cool.gif - why buy the Bachmann NRM model if you can get such good results with the Dapol kit - and know that its all your own worksmile.gif









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Ta, it's a bit more than the Dapol kit though, let's not forget the A1 models grilles and airhorns, Fox plates and whiskers/stripes gleaned from a craftsman conversion kit wink.gif


I'll do a costing when I'm done to see what the relative costs are to an NRM one. But as you say, I've built this one wink.gif

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you can hardly tell that the body is from the Dapol kit! Top notch modelling there

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Bill Bedford does a nice little etcing for bending up handrails. excellent if you have to get them all the same.

Code E017, handrail bending jig, not expensive, does everything from 1mm to 17mm in very small steps

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Possibly the reason why you had to trim the nose plates is because the original Kitmaster moulding is too narrow at the base (as well as being too tall).


There were quite a few clever optical illusions that Kitmaster put it (perhaps accidentally) which I've discovered whilst building my own rendition of the ProtoDeltic..... All of which need correcting!

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