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11 - Kyle - Ballast - Part I...

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Update - Been putting it off for some time but after sourcing some Spanish PVA, it was time to start. Normally I lay the ballst dry and then give it the good soaking method, however with my concerns that the layout may start to twist and notwithstanding donw's comments to try and prevent this, I decided to work the PVA around the sleepers in short intervals and sprinkle the ballast from a small long stirrer, bought from Muji a while back.


It's slow work and quite tedious as is usual, however once I shook off the excess one hour later, I was sort of ok with it. There are patches that need filling so tonight I will try and spend the evening doing this and the ballast between the sleepers. I have allowed 3 evenings in my programme of work for this, so that I don't rush it as for me the ballast can sometimes be the 'make or break of a layout'.


Also, whilst awaiting for the glue to dry I applied some Slaters stonework to the walled ramp and beneath the platforms. Its perhaps not the exact type of stone, however, I had this previously on RMWeb 3 with Coombe Junction and I am not into scribing my own stonework to get the exact replica. A little painting and weathering will hopefully give the desired effect.


A few photos...



Overall first application of ballast...


Stone wall to ramp and bridge...

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Hello Pete,


your progress looks good to me, I hope that Kyle will be finished until your deadline.



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Markus - Many thanks - I have an impression in my head of how I would like the layout to look at the exhibition and I am on average spending 3 hours a day in the evenings to try and achieve that. There will be much to do on the rolling stock but this will have to wait until after the show...Pete

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