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Can something be too long?



Thanks to Dave Holt for pointing out a glaring error that resulted in a massive gap between the rear driver and the firebox/ashpan. Turns out that I made a last minute change to the frame drawing when I compared the tracing with that of a Comet Britannia chassis. This threw the whole chassis forwards by approx 2mm (6" in the real world), but meant that the cylinders were at least in the correct place on the chassis.


So last night I unsoldered the rear mounting from the frames and repositioned it 2mm further forward resulting in a much better looking gap




Of course this left a gap at the front which I filled with some plasticard packing






However, Dave is right. According to Cox's excellent "British Railways Standard Steam Locomotives" (Ian Allen, first published in 1966 and would sell well if reprinted ;) ) the 2-8-2 as designed was 6" shorter than a Britannia (2-8-2 in red below)




So, do I chop the body to lose 2mm? it looks like the smokebox is longer on the Brit as the boiler specifications are identical. cutting a section out immediately ahead of the smokebox/boiler join would pull the chimney back above the cylinders.


If I don't do it my concern is that there will be a gap between the cylinders and the front fall plate and it might look odd with the chimney forward of the cylinders.


I plan to cut the footplate to take cast lubricators, so some making good will be needed on the top surface of the footplate in any case. The razor saw becons ....... :blink:


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I'd shorten the smokebox and the running plate mate.


You'll only be wondering why you didn't when you had the chance in years to come. Like you say, you're gonna be adding new lubricators anyway.


Must say she's looking good, be interesting to see how many she can pull around Duffield one evening.

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Go on.................................................... You KNOW you want to wink.gif .


Leave the chip out and test run it on Duffield at the Derby RMweb day in July.


zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz Is that the razor saw at work as we speak? laugh.gif

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Oh dear! I seem to have opened a can of worms. Sorry! However, I agree with Flood, once you've spotted an error it has to be sorted, otherwise it'll become the only thing you see every time you look at the model. So my advice is - teeth firmly on bullet and make the modifications now before it's too late! I've had the same situation myself and have regretted a couple of things I didn't correct at the time.





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What the speed you work at............................................... A walk in the park biggrin.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif

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No apology needed Dave, I'm just glad it's spotted now BEFORE the body goes away to De Selby for flush footplate sides to be fitted :D


You know I might even be able to make a single initial cut through the body as the offset of the lubricator position looks like being equal to the width of the material to be removed ....


Check, check, cut, swear ....

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There's not going to be a lot left of this bodyshell by the time I've cut 2mm out of the smokebox, removed all moulded handrails, fittings, pipes etc to be replaced by Comet parts and new running plate sides added :lol:

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