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    17A. Derby Shed
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    Out shopped from Derby works in 1963. allocated to 17A ever since.
    Modelling interests;BR Steam- Diesel 1950-1968 Eastern & Midland Region. "The transitional period" The Woodhead Route in the DC period.
    Massive Runrig Fan since 1988 (40th Anniversary gig was awesome) the final concert in Sterling in August 2018 was emotional & Supporting Derby County (someone has to!!) hence the user name. Oh and also a BR Standard Steam Locomotive Enthusiast. An Example of all twelve of the classes in "00" including class variants. (30+ locos at the last count)

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  1. Little Willy, Willy won’t go home But you can’t push Willy round willy won’t………
  2. Rockin' all over the world - Status Quo
  3. Two Dived by Zero - Pet Shop Boys
  4. In Search of Angels - Runrig
  5. Flower of the West - Runrig
  6. that is an unusual load on the third wagon of the Western photo. It looks like one of those 3 wheel invalid cars from the 70’s as per here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invacar
  7. False alarm. I was passed some duff information. It’s here on YouTube leaving Kidderminster
  8. Apparently, word has it, that the loco has failed and is returning to Crewe for repair. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Edge of the World - Runrig
  10. Latest Steam Railway magazine arrived this morning with this offering for £99.96 + P & P. Again only 4 ,999 available so best get in there quickly for more exclusive Tat!!! I wonder how much extra the tender will be 😂
  11. I don’t have the original. That was a photo I took at an exhibition some time ago on my phone. Sorry. I am sure you could make one up on your laptop/ computer.
  12. Ride a White Swan - T Rex
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