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Barrow Road - Workshop 2



The front elevation is now complete, painted and features two sets of doors which can be opened.

Bays 2 & 4 were the only ones used during the 1950/60s so I decided to carry out some modification to the Rowmark and glazing in order to make these two operational. You will see from the attached photos that I have achieved this by cutting the inner door rowmark to make it thinner down the hinge edge in order to fix a piece of square section tube. This tube extends to the top and bottom to form fixing points & the hinge is formed by inserting a length of brass tube inside the full length to enable the door to open. This has been repeated for each door. The brass tube is long enough to fit through the baseboard.

It is my intention to make the doors operational sometime in the future.









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The trouble with this model is that the more I see of it, the more I WISH i'd seen it in real life. That workshop, at right angles to the rest of the shed, must have been fascinating..........

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