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Q1 Charlie update - 3

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Hi all,


today's progress - hole at the front now filled in - as promised, and the rest of the boiler fittings now in place, just the 'pipework' to the lubricators to fit and then I can turn to the cab windows and internal fittings - other than the backhead, which will be done 'off model' and fitted after painting and with the windows in place. Then the pipework on the mechanical lubricator and the remaing buffer beam fittings - so could be finished tomorrow, although thinking about it, tomorrow is also 'flue jab' day so disruption just before lunchsad.gif



33006 nearly there - lefthand side



33006 nearly there - righthand side



33006 lefthand side - trying to see the motion



33006 lefthand side - trying to see the motion 2



33006 lefthand side close=up


As far as seeing the motion is concerned, from 'normal' viewing angles, you can see very little once the boiler is in place and even having craned your neck, it is really only a glimpse - but we all know it's there don't welaugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif





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Working motion would make all the difference! Is the boiler wrapper a half etch? Of do the rivets need to be formed?

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Hi 28ten,


only to a rivet counter and I've lost my abacuslaugh.gif


The boiler wrapper is half etch and the rivet detail is already there, a rub of a fine file is needed just to take the 'peaks' off.


Hi Phill,


thanks for the applause.





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Hi Horsetan,


many thanks for that, I hope you feel the same when you see it weathered in a few days time.





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