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Brockenhurst NFMRS Open Day - Calshot's visit




Firstly, thanks to all the event organisers, catering staff and of course the general public!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I did not expect is the size of the hall - much bigger than I anticipated and a pleasant surprise.


The morning didn't start particularly well as we battled to unlock the van doors and manoeuvred several cars to enable it to be put in the drive for loading. Once the van was loaded it was a quick rush to get to the venue in time due to the earlier fiasco. Anyway we just about made it in time to set up in 15/20 minutes. A couple of early running issues mainly sorted themselves out by midday. And we were read to roll:


blogentry-6776-057289900 1290972607_thumb.jpg



An envelope with meal vouchers, essential info and an exhibition guide was already waiting for us when we arrived which was a nice touch.


blogentry-6776-017770400 1290973092_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6776-007182000 1290973127_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6776-074556300 1290973215_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6776-046687000 1290973303_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6776-018156700 1290973329_thumb.jpg


blogentry-6776-056109800 1290973360_thumb.jpg



I must say that the sausage in a roll was lovely and warmed up the morning laugh.gif

As for the layout, there are going to be some changes in the fiddle yard department which I will explain at a later date.


We were certainly felt very welcome and it was a great event - thank you!



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It certainly was very enjoyable Dominik. biggrin.gif

It makes it all worthwhile when the general public leave feedback, and one from today which gave a nice warm feeling inside was 'It's amazing how realistic it is'. I was gob-smacked but overjoyed at the same time laugh.gif

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Saw the layout in the flesh yesterday and was very impressed! Nice to see a layout i've followed online at an actual show for once, too many of them live up North somewhere!


Great layout, and glad you had a good day.

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Glad you had a good time, I was a member of the club until I left the uk in 1995. I always found them to be a good bunch of chaps and caught up with a few of the members when I was over in Feb.


Cheers Peter.

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Thanks gents!

I have to agree that so many layouts seem to live up North which is a bit of a pain when you are only 30 mins from the South Coast! I've now got to get a move on and finish the layout. It's a shame I'm too far (at least until I own a car) to be a part of the club. rolleyes.gif

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Aargh, I knew there was a reason I was thinking of visiting the parents last weekend! Couldn't think what it was so just dithered about at home. Oh well! At least I put the finishing touches to my engine shed. Glad to hear you had a good time at the show and all went well.

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It looks like you had a good time and sounds like it too Jam :) Well done - I don't think I've the patience to actually exhibit a layout. I do enjoy wandering around taking snaps though so maybe one day I'll see Calshot in the flesh.

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Well all I can say to both of you is 'stay tuned for more exhibition details'! wink.gif

It would be great to meet both of you at some point - it's always nice putting faces to names.

Yes, exhibiting a layout requires patience, but with comments you receive and the reaction of the children it makes it all worth while smile.gif

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