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Chrsitmas workbench

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Well for a 6 week break, I really don't have much to show for it. Mainly it was just little odd and ends, which today are still sitting unfinished on the work bench. I did manage to get access to an ALPS printer, so I did get some new wagon transfers. Another dozen or so wagons have been finished off. Work on the layout is at a very slow pace. The backscene is still only 50% finished. Hopefully the remainder of the goods building will be ready in the next few weeks.




I made a start on an Ultima LMS 42' bogie CCT. Fairly simply, but I have made one of these before. I also had a crack at a 57' LMS P1 full brake. Can't remember where I got this from. Painting and lining will be a challenge.:(




The only blue diesel's I will every own, are those of my childhood, in this case Victorian Railways/VicRail/VR. I've had this B class sitting in the UFO pile for a very long time now. Having gotten a compressor from my good lady wife for my birthday, I decided it was time to have a start and give it a spray. So far, so good, but just as I type this, the Aussie RTR manufacturer has just emailed me to say his RTR B class will be ready in the next month or so! Isn't that always the way.:angry:



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Heh, I've got a couple of undecorated E bodies I aquired for that just that purpose - a smaller, more accurate Tri-ang Double-ended Diesel. :D I wasn't planning on gnurling the wheels though, I'll need something else to create all the sparks :P

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He might live only 10 mins away, and undoubtly you will have a couple, but that doesn't mean this one will be finished first now does it??

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