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  1. I remember seeing those in 2014 and wondered what they were for. Thanks.
  2. At one time they used centre wheels that had flanges but were slightly smaller; perhaps those might just squeeze in.
  3. Yes, it was, part of the 'Arrow' range. The Mk.1 Hunter (1966-67 only) had the same round headlights, but then changed to rectangular ones like the Arrow bodied Sunbeam Vogue had. Coiuld well be right about the trim though. The Minx engine was smaller though, 1500 (1496cc) was standard against 1725cc for the Hunter.
  4. Early enough not to have '125' after 'Inter-City' on the coaches.
  5. The bogies under the Lima TEA are the Gloucester type though I doubt they would be a direct swap; that would be too easy!
  6. Found it on a 1961 Dinky scales list: 17/64in. scale so approx. 6¾mm to 1 foot, or 1:45·2 scale.
  7. Yes, the Minitrix ones are over 40 years old but still very good and way better than the Hornby 1980s model; the hopper body 'sits' correctly in the cradle, something the Hornby one failed to do.
  8. They were first made in 2006 so rather less than 20 years ago, based on their 2004 HAA.
  9. Found the same picture in LMS Coaches. Date circa. 1946, train in service. The destination board says 'Southport' though this is the back of the train (note the tail lamp). It could still be heading towards Southport if the information was changed at both ends to provide passenger information at a terminal platform. I'm afraid I have no idea where though.
  10. It's AI. There's a lot of it about this past month or so on ebay. "The scale is 1:148 and the gauge is OO" is a classic! Obviously it spotted that Graham Farish products are now N gauge but didn't actually understand the concept of scale and gauge description.
  11. I thought it looked familiar; I photographed at Leyton Yard too in 1978.
  12. Yes, it stinks, doesn't it? There seem to be a lot of those crass and often inaccurate descriptions lately a.k.a. bovine waste. "The scale is 1:148 and the gauge is OO" 🙄
  13. Also Mabex. 2019 catalogue here.
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