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Preliminary sketch, how not to paint a seaplane and more weathering




Hello again,

Here's a sketch of the possible extension. The existing hangar will be extended and will have an apron sitting next to it along with yet another slipway. I have also shown the beached seaplane at the back (will be the Catalina in the photos below) and the beach, trees (forming the scenic break) and locomotive shed. P.S. If your place of work does not allow these images to appear, let me know! For larger images, go to

4mmsr (Calshot's Blogspot). Images are clickable there.


These next photos show the freshly painted Catalina. The painting is of poor standard and I still have another coat to go on. Also, I will need to add the glazing, paint the wheels and props. Then it will have a battered about look (not quite as drastic, but not far off something like this:

) Will be an interesting weathering challenge!









I hope you have enjoyed these set of photos. If you require any more information please do leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for looking,

Jam biggrin.gif



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I'm looking to building a biplane to fly the length of my layout on a pully system. The working is not a problem, but the scale is.

Any ideas of size please. As you might have guest I amquite new to the hobby. Many thanks Sammy.

[email protected]:unsure:

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Jam, lummy that Catalina in the photo's seen better day... although to be pedantic I'd say that that was a PBY-5A rather than a Catalina (the name was used by RAF only). Yours also seems to be a -5A type - was that a Catlina III in RAF service - it's been as while since I knew these machines (was a volunteer with Plane Sailing between '89 and '92 - that was a Super Catalina, a -5A with bigger engines and rudder. Yes, more than one coat of paint's required there, but it usually will be. Are you using a nice flat brush to get the overall coverage - that I always found worked well (when I did aero models). Should be a good look once finished. Keep up the good work

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Hello Jon,

I don't really know much about aircraft - so thank you for clearing that up!

Must've been quite a joy to work with such a great seaplane - I would have loved to be at Calshot in the 1940s.

I'll need to find a flat brush as I've been using a cheap one (I know what they say about cheap brushes!) but I think I've got one somewhere.


Jam biggrin.gif

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