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Good afternoon,


This week has seen much thinking, sketching and deciding on the fate of the layout.


It ranged from chucking it in the dustbin...to expanding the layout in width and increasing the amount of water at the edge... :O


I then realised that it was starting to expand as a project...not really what I wanted for a 3 month filler project.


If I go back to the origins of why I built the layout it was something like this:


Visited the 2009 BHMRC exhibition and joked to the organiser that I would bring a small layout to the 2010 packaged in a boxfile - Then agreed more seriously by email to produce it and committed myself - Commenced build prior to crimble (but most got done in the last 3 months) - Flew said project into the UK in my easJet hand luggage - Did the show - Flew it back to Spain - Boxfile sat on shelf unopened for 16 months :yes:


The layout had sort of done what I wanted it to, but it became too fiddly and set up time was longer than I had hoped for. So rather than start trying to convert it into something it was never supposed to be, I have decided to Keep It Simple Stupid and mount it on the shelf so it still retains some of the 'boxfile' spirit due to its sole 120mm width.


It also means that the previous 'other' idea to extend it and produce a model of Thurso to sit the otherside of the fiddleyard could still happen...one day :rolleyes:



Kyle and Thurso...end to end...



The new plan...much needed space for cassette storage and walkabout controller...



The layout has already been hacked and backscenes trashed...



And once the rewire has finished, recladding the sides to hide the shelf will commence...


I feel a whole lot better now that I can concentrate on a simple refurb and although some of the joints (the track) will still be visible, it will hopefully retain a sense of the spirit in which it was constructed.


EDIT: I forgot to mention...if anyone is wondering why the platform has various chunks taken out of it, it is because that's where the slide switches are that operate the points and isolating sections...they actually get covered when the backscenes were applied as the half relief station and wall cover them up....



extremely low tech behind the scenes!...

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Agreed with Kris.


Keeping it simple and achievable is paramount to completing and ultimate enjoyment (which is what you built it for). I think the last thing you need right now is another larger project alongside CJ-M sapping your Mojo.

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Thanks Kris, Rich and Don.


As you say Rich, something a bit low quay (sorry) in terms of scale to keep mojo levels running.


I actually 'played trains' with it the other night whilst trying to get it running...and I realised that I hadn't done that in 16 months...hopefully I can get to do that more frequently after the revamp is done...

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I actually 'played trains' with it the other night whilst trying to get it running...


You finally worked out what it's for then?

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Yes I was wondering what had happened to this the other day and good to see you are continuing with it Pete. Trying to work out the colour codes for the switches..


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You finally worked out what it's for then?

I guess...although, I think I probably prefer to build a layout then run it these days...


Yes I was wondering what had happened to this the other day and good to see you are continuing with it Pete. Trying to work out the colour codes for the switches..Tom

Thanks Tom - There was nothing particularly scientific about the colour codes...more it was limited by the uninspiring colours in the WHS pack of coloured dots...but from memory:

Turquoise/Red slide switches = on/off isolation sections

L.Blue/D.Blue switches = the two turnout throws

L.Blue/D.Blue sticks = the position of the bar magnets for the DG's which were slid in and out when required.

See...told you it was low tech!

I need to get my head around DCC one day...

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