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Combwich - on the road again, just one more time (for now)

Chris Nevard




nevard_101106_wycrail_IMG_8340_web, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Wycrail, 6 November 2010. Note the cast of 'Last of the Summer Wine' in th foreground.


Combwich hits the road again on Saturday 21 January at the Astolat Model Railway Circle annual show in Guildford.


Combwich is 30 years old now, and whilst the layout has been contantly updated to give the impression of being far more youthful than it appears, the wiring dates right back to the early 1980's and is very overdue for a full replacement. For this reason, the show will most likely be the layout's last outing for the time being until that gastly job takes place.


Fingers crossed everything will hold out for this one day show, it's rather like running an old English sports car with Lucas electrics, TLC being the best tool in the bag. However, if you see a lack of activity and hear rude language from under the baseboard, that will be me cursing some failed solder joint or wire!

  • More about the Astolat Show here.
  • More about Combwich here.

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Damn good looking operator you have there Chris - what folks can't tell is that I was as green as my shirt that morning following a rough night in the digs :bad:

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I know what you mean with the classic sports car analogy. My '76 MGB developed an interesting "short" whereby the brake lights, indicators and side lights on the left hand side only don't work.

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I hope to be along in the PM. Kin I 'ave a play please mister?

Be good to see Combwich, it'll be another Nevard layout to tick off in the spotters book.

Regards 'n' all that

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