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Bedazzled buffers!

Chris Nevard



nevard_110921_leamington_DSC_3796_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.


Posted in my external BLOG, hence slightly generic non-rail-nutter angle.


The real world is full of things that don't quite conform to preconception, with us model makers often being the worst offenders (I'm really bad at this and have to kick myself from time to time), for this reason it’s so important to look at the real world. Luckily railways have always been well explored by camera lenses, so often research is only a key board away, or failing that the book shelf, the local library or heaven forbid the real thing.


This bedazzled buffer stop Leamington Spa Station is something you’d never expect, and if you modelled it like in this photo here people would be queuing up to ask you when you’re going to finish it. I imagine with this one here this is as far as finishing will ever get, the ravages of time will take care of that aspect in due course.


Leamington is a nice station to spend an hour of two, with great little touches like the flowering train here. There is a good variety of trains to photograph and the station staff don’t treat railway nutters with suspicion – how refreshing!



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I'm glad you used the word 'bedazzled' rather than the contemporary Essex alternative. ;)

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I'd say it was painted by a railway modeller with too much time on his or her hands!!!

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Why go to all that trouble on the front half and leave the rest in rust? Perhaps someone's supervisor saw how much time was going into a simple paint job?

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Is it a box in the background? I know some of the quieter boxes on the WoE gradually aquired nifty paint jobs on bufferstops and names on troughing when certain Signalmen had a bit of time and found the S&T's paint leftovers. Even Wilton GF aquired a Daffodil bed in memory of Denzil 'Daffodil' Hooks. :)

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Looks to me like they couldn't think of anything else to get the apprentice to do.

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