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  1. Andy posted the Dapol info so transferred to this thread for reference
  2. Not quite true anymore as they said in the recent release video they’ve listened to feedback and now give notice when things are at a slightly earlier stage, roughly at the EP stage it appears from the palvans etc. they mention the change at 26mins I. This video.
  3. The imminent arrival of the 70hp models I dug out my half finished Narrow Planet 99hp version and got it running. Need to get on with the detailing now!
  4. Have you looked at reviews of their O gauge model? I think they have proved with that that they know how to make it work. The picture above shows they’ve managed it well in the O scale model so it should be good in OO too.
  5. I can’t help but look at the ‘can’ in bare metal and think I wonder if someone will make a pressure vessel to replace it? 😆 Looking even better than the prints.
  6. PI is a part time offshoot collaboration of Light Railway Stores and James Hilton Models. Steve and James are both busy with those primary ventures and PI currently is funded by the success of the victory which has done ok, but not enough that they are both driving Ferrari’s yet, so they are currently musing next moves. Bear in mind the plethora of other industrials announced and they need to be careful they don’t duplicate as they don’t have the reserves to beat the bigger established makers to market.
  7. That is simply beautiful. Glad you had a good steam up and hopefully see you soon.
  8. PaulRhB

    TT120: HST

    I think they missed a trick not making the set a different number with deflectors and ‘forcing’ us to buy it to get that 🤣
  9. Rather too similar to the Victory though? 😉 How about a nice little Avonside? https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/avonside-engine-co-works-no-1680-sir-john-0-6-0st/ Photo ©️ Tom Derrington from the site linked above. Theres even an option for a Colonial sun shade version! 😆 ©️ Mick Cottam
  10. PaulRhB

    TT120: HST

    Speaker fitting in the instructions,
  11. Do we need to pack our own cows or will some be available?
  12. PaulRhB

    TT120: HST

    Nope, the instructions specify the space it goes though for one of the flat type.
  13. Is it though for the majority, how many pull 30+ wagons on their layout? Ok this would drop significantly if you used resin loads but the vans represent the equivalent to a 16t mineral with coal on a foam or card base. I’m going to try and simulate the 1in50 and 1in100 loads too but as 30 wagons is 8’ 4” I’m going to need some long timbers to try that test on the Victory. In this topic they show 5-9 wagons per loco on the 1in19 Foxfield bank, but I suspect most are empty? On my colliery layout I’m looking at 8-12 wagon trains so well within the capability of any of the tested locos including the Austerity. I’ll continue the tests later in my ‘Black Diamonds’ modules thread. One on order and it would be interesting to repeat the test.
  14. From known loads in various videos and books I came up with an average to very roughly calculate what load various tractive efforts would equate to. TE divided by 495 was the figure for on the level. The chart below shows literal Victory for Planet industrials with the model managing 6 more than the real one 😉 Rapido hit the nail on the head with 34. EFE only managed 65% of the calculated load but for most layouts that’s still a respectable train of 31 wagons! A 1in100 gradient significantly drops the figures to roughly a third from my fairly crude calculations based on the small sample of articles and videos that mention it. (Note I averaged available info to get a TE / Load figure and I know Rapido quoted 15 wagons for the Bagnall 0-4-0’s on the level)
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