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Ruby Road Depot. Trying it out for size. Should I or not?



I thought about a small servicing depot for my locos so I've been having a try of the depot track plan to work out how much room it will take.

Allowing for the 2 shed roads to take 2 locos each and the fuel area to take either 3 TTAs or a loco I reckon that i can fit what i want onto a 2m by 30cm board.

I've laid the track out roughly on the kitchen table to get an idea, what do you think?






47378, 50043 and 56 try the depot for size.

obviously the setrack will go in favour of flexi.

also the concrete sleepered track will be wooden.

running it DC will be fun, lots of isolation needed i think. (complicated)

need to give some thought about which shed to use too, Hornby or Peco?

Also I'm not sure about the use of the 3 way points, they take up less room but do they look right?


Or has the whole TMD/loco service area been too over done?

time to go and think.

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There is now only going to be a small 2 road shed so only 1 point needed.

Concentrating on the yard instead.

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TMDs are overdone i think anyway

and unless its xmas then you wont get them full of locos anyway

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On 07/02/2019 at 19:17, Shed said:

TMDs are overdone i think anyway

and unless its xmas then you wont get them full of locos anyway

I don’t have that many locos and prefer the shunting that the freight yard gives

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