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  1. That is a very nice of you Julian to describe Rookie Workbench as a guide. Its lately more documentation of all the wrong moves that I have made so others don't do the same.
  2. I believe that Dapol have one on the way.
  3. Moving along nicely Vacuum feed fitted Brake linkages soldered up, pins clipped, and soldering tidied up Wrong way round W iron removed and refitted. Vacuum side W irons fitted Wheels and bearings fitted, Springs and axle boxes fitted Brake shoes fitted I know it is usual to fit the brake pull-rods before this time but I will shorten the locating pins and fit them next. Oh forgot to mention that the holes were drilled in the W irons. Thanks Mike Great reference photo here https://flic.kr/p/REjzDV
  4. Did anyone spot one of the W irons was on the wrong way round? I don't know how I did that all the W irons on the Vanwide look good This is definitely a learning experience.
  5. I am not sure that I would do it again, it was probably not worth the effort. Now it may be me, and judging by my recent posts most likely is me, but I found that the long brake rod and lever fret did not perfectly match the positions of the brackets. I would be interested to hear other's opinions. What I definitely know now is start with the outside brackets as these positively locate against the chassis cross members. Starting with the middle bracket can easily lead to a world of pain.
  6. Sorted Vacuum pipe version 3 now runs next to the cylinder.
  7. Thanks, but i have run the brake line down the frame member away from the cylinder.
  8. Moving along nicely now. This is a dry run, all held together with pins from brass rod at the moment. On to soldering tomorrow. I am not happy with version two of the brake pipe though. Version 1 was too thin and the diagonal section between the frame members was in the way of the V hangers and brake bracket Version 2 is great for diameter however its a long way from the cylinder and I need to get the vacuum to it. Any thoughts?
  9. Tonight two little steps forward and then four back. Remember this picture Tonight I continued with the brake gear brackets. Many of the rods and levers are etched in a single piece. I fitted this etch into the bracket circled in red an temporarily pinned with some brass rod. Next I worked on two brackets to the left of the red circled one. Each one was pinned temporarily as before. It was soon obvious that the bracket in red was in the wrong place. I believe that the last two levers at each end of the etch should be in-line or at least symmetrical with the pips (circled yellow). The red bracket needs to move to the right. Luckily this time I did not need the big hammer but the big pliers sufficed. Finally the vacuum pipe will be in the way of this bracket so that had to be removed too.
  10. Thanks Mike, that looks like it is going to be useful when I get that far. As for couplings, I think that I will be going Dingham. I am just waiting for the chemical blackener to arrive before I make a start with them.
  11. Yep that is what I am aiming for, thanks for the reference photos John.
  12. OK here is where the Lowfit build all went wrong. All my own fault I know. On the side fame, the one on the vacuum cylinder side, there is a raised "L" shape. This type of thing on a spare side frame. As I am an expert, having previously 90% completed another Slater's kit. I know that this is where the vacuum cylinder fits. (NB it isn't) You can even see the "L" in the instructions. Now not only did I fit the cylinder here. I also fitted some steel weights between the floor and the cylinder. Not only do they provide extra gravity but also an excellent surface to cyano the cylinder to. Next step onto the brake V hangers and the extra bracket that butts up to the non vacuum side V hanger. All cyano'd in nicely and left overnight. Next day on to fitting the shaft between the V hangers and the lever to the vacuum cylinder. While at this stage I fabricated I new T shaft that comes out of the vacuum cylinder. I found that the plastic one on the Vanwide was a little flimsy. So far so good. Looking at the lever between the vacuum cylinder and the V hanger shaft it was not even half the required length. I believed that I had put the V hangers in the wrong place and the were glued solid. A little work with a Stanley knife and some pliers had them out. A this time I had a long look at the instructions and worked out that the V hangers were in the correct place before I ripped them out. It was the Vacuum cylinder that was in the wrong place. The correct position for the vacuum cylinder is achieved using the notch in the extension to the vacuum side V hanger. It is all there in the instructions. The last part of this chapter was I needed to get the cylinder out. This was not only glued to the frame but was also cyano'd to the weight. Not my proudest modelling moment but the cylinder was eventually removed with the help of a large hammer and a screwdriver. So after a little mending this is where I am now. Nick
  13. Thanks for the kind words Julian, I am glad that it has helped. I think that was the original plan, If anyone is helped by my build and from all the other contributors then that is all for the good. I have had some trouble with my Lowfit. Trouble is when it was not going so well I forgot to take pictures. I will update soon.
  14. OK, the Vanwide is waiting for decals and weathering and possibly a little white paint for the lamp brackets and brake lever. I am not sure about the bright steel rims on the wheels, I think that I will need to get the black paint out again. I am thinking about a small shunting layout and am having second thoughts on scale couplings so a Dinghams kit has been ordered In the meantime I have made a start on the lowfit. This time I have used the provided strip to make the "U" channel. Is it making a U channel or an I beam. I am leaving the sides and ends off for now to make painting easier.
  15. A start made on brake safety loops and painting. This close up photography lark is good for showing up where you have "missed a bit" Transfers ordered.
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