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  1. Baseboard alterations for Eastchurch underway for cutting and bridge placements
  2. Giving my 10 year old daughter's birthday present Donald a run in Just awaiting for Douglas and Duck to arrive.
  3. Thankyou for the heads up managed to change it , very much appreciated added it to my book of notes .
  4. Yes indeed have had the pleasure of operating this layout with my friend at several exhibitions over the last few years and with a change of scale I jumped to purchase it needs a bit of TLC to a few bits doing but nothing major.
  5. Some more of the layout and one showing with it's lighting pelmet attached
  6. Recently purchased this small exhibition layout Kirkbridge 6ft x 2ftwhich features a small through station capabile of holding a single DMU or a 2 coach DMU or EMU, main operating area is the small diesel depot and holding sidings for a few wagons the fueling road can just accommodate a 2 car thumper 205 DEMU
  7. Giving some of my EMUS and the VOSE a run in on the club layout Friday night
  8. Cutting and modifying two second hand Hornby HEA wagons to nuclear flask barrier wagons work made so far on the project Inspiration taken by Bradwell point that I saw at Milton Keynes Great Electric Train Show last year
  9. First two baseboards with their Cork underlay down. Then to lay down the track as these two boards will be the easiest to wire up first
  10. Track positioning and marking out in process in between eating dinner.
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