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  1. If it had a deep shop in 43 or 44 it was probably black, but not definitely. Castles and Kings stayed Green (apart from 2 Castles) All new build Halls during WW2 were black, un-named and had no side windows at all. I haven't yet seen any photos of 47XX in black, but a statement like that opens floodgates........ Add the average time between new boilers to the above and that gives you a timezone for black engines. There will always be the exception - this is the GWR after all.
  2. Two castles were refinished in black. 5018 St Mawes was one....... Yiewsley Grange was black. Kings were always turned out in Lined Green.
  3. Good morning all. Lost count of how long we have been locked down. Had a quick modelling session last night. I can call it modelling as it did involve tools - not my usual "repaints and renumbers" which have been common over the last few years. The 8 wheel tender project threw up a spare Collett chassis which I thought I would pair with a spare Mainline 2251 3500 Gal top. So this was tackled last night. The chassis is from a recent, but not up to date "DCC Ready"4-6-0. The wheels are the pickups for one rail, and conduct via a copper strip under the drawb
  4. I have been very kindly been given a pair of elbow pipes in OO which could be used to update a Star. I am also aware that straight pipes are needed to update late moguls. Whilst not wanting to go "into business" if there is a way to get a few sets made and out to people who need these, at cost, that would be a good thing to do. A few questions to the Hive-mind of RM Web: 1. What is the best way to have these replicated - 3D print, white metal, moulded "plastic"???? 2. And is this going to be viable? If the 3D set up costs £50, it'
  5. I do like the look of the "folded over" and rolled. However the "deployed" needs a good choice of material - OO curves are tighter than real life so the material needs to flex, yet still look like a crumpled tarp.
  6. Sorry for the delay in posting - I did the "weekly shop" at 0600 today and have been playing catch -up since. And before the cries of "panic buy hoarder...." I usually do the weekly shop at 0600 on a saturday. I did it today as I have to go off to do some work at a UK depot tomorrow. Tescos had everything on the list in stock, in plentiful amounts and there was no argy bargy to be seen. As for modelling........... The 56XX got finished off last night. Putting the chopped down (or should that be chopped up?) traction weight into the bunker/cab ar
  7. Some milk or NPCCS perhaps please please.? Especially in the light of that beautiful Dick Riley & Peter Gray book on non passenger ops. (Loving King John on NPCCS work picture)
  8. That's great stuff. Glad kids are learning about that sort of stuff. I did Roundheads and Cavaliers and hated it. Loved the ancient Egyptians lessons tho.
  9. You may be better off carefully using a glass fibre pencil on the emblems. I have now changed to this method from using Tcut. The ex Mainline 3500 gallon tenders (2251/Manor/Mogul) don't usually come with markings on the tender buffer beams.
  10. Day 3........all is well at North Cranford. St Pat is no more - and Knight of Liege has name and number plates, as well as a renumbered beam. With 2 crew and coal, it is in its box. I am struggling to trim off the name pates on the Hornby Pt Pats - the brass used on the model is very thick and chunky - beyond normal modelling tools. I think If I ever come across these or similar again, I will go out to the main workshop and apply so automotive repair tools to the task. The 56XX was reunited in terms of body and chassis. The chip socket is at the front of the engin
  11. UK lock-down Day 1 - I am scratching the 4 bar gates onto the wall day be day...... Hope that you are all well and happy. I did manage more modelling in the end but only last night and a bit on Sunday night - the weather this weekend was so good that I could not spend all of it preparing for the incoming building work/destruction. Pyrland Hall Bodies and chassis(s) got re-united. The long address was set. Kenilworth Castle got a DCC programme - long address etc Austerity got a quick body off to check wither it is DCC ready (chip socket) or DC
  12. Thanks Mike - Please PM me your address and I will send an SAE.
  13. Good morning NC visitors. I didn't get near the Austerity last night because it involves soldering a chip in. I still need more practice at that. I went to see my builder and delivered the plans for the house. He has suddenly got a huge chunk of time free due to a change in personal circumstances. Armed with a few Coronas (of the right sort) we hatched a plan regarding the start date. In short, the modelling is about to become infrequent again. I am going back another 15 feet on a cottage and then up a whole floor all round. Today I finish connecting water to my 1
  14. Thanks Neal. Certainly getting much better than the days of Post 1. Quite a few locos have left NC since Post 1, and lots of new ones - all done better each time. Hope you are not too troubled. I have guys locked down in odd countries in the Middle East so I'm making the time to call them each day just to keep them sane - no work, just chat. Then I thought the same for RM Web - must be lots of modellers stuck inside for all sorts of reasons (lockdown, self isolation or hi-risk/infirm) so I thought i would make an effort to post more frequently here too.
  15. Working from home for the last week, and without 4 hours a day travelling, I can actually do more work if I start at the time I start the commute. So I have actually done some modelling this week. Some new and some second hand crew were put through the usual process.......... Kenilworth Castle go re-logod but this time without paint. I left the crest in place and worked all round it with a fibre glass pen. I did the whole tender side so that the area where the letters were removed so as not stand out. New GW were from Fox. Despite followin
  16. Thanks Mike - i will look to see if it has a part number via Peter's and see if we could order them as units via a trader such as Peters.
  17. You need to look for the paper chart for Enamels. They turn up at model shops from time to time.
  18. Good on you for digging in and finishing it. There are lots of folks who have put all sorts of work into things only to have them put on hold. I worked late on Sunday on my motorcycle only to have the ride-out in April cancelled. Enjoy the quieter "enforced modelling" time - when the restrictions lift there will be so many events on that we'll never have time for anything else.
  19. I once built an MGB when I was a prospective Wedgehead. But a BB or HGB was too big a task for a gang of spotty 18 year olds. Then we got given lots of diggers and bull dozers in a big sandpit at Chatham and told to have fun. That bit was great. Didn't join them despite that fun. Then we went to see the REEMs in Hampshire - they gave us the day off and some beer and we all watched Live Aid.......
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