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  1. What’s with all this weird advertising I’m suddenly getting on RMWeb?
  2. I’m sure they’ve looked at at, but how’s your ticker? Being perpetually cream crackered can be a sign of impaired blood flow...
  3. I too have one of those - I call it the fat bag! In fairness I didn’t break any bones, which after 30 years on steroids says I’m either very lucky or very dense!
  4. A promos getting old - whenever I feel down, I just play this wonderful anthem on Youtube...
  5. Not at all my friend - I have to remind myself from time to time that when folks ask 'How are you' it's a politeness not a question! Once tieback stops hurting I'm sure I'll put it all behind me and get back on with life. TBH what choice do we have? Especially if that nice Mr. Starmer is going to lock us all up because we're 'vulnerable' My Arse!
  6. So good to hear from you Phil and even better to know your fighting spirit is undimmed. I recently was offered the opportunity to try out an inflatable crash vest for riding the motorcycle - a bit like a chest-wrap airbag. It would have been damned useful that night, although in fairness I tend to sleep au naturel, so probably wouldn't have been wearing it. You know life's getting on when you think about preventative measures for your sleep! I decided that one thing I enjoy about railways is watching long trains plodding or thundering by as appropriate, an
  7. Well - what a traumatic few weeks! A couple of weeks later having both my cataracts replaced with decent lenses, I had to go into hospital for a three day series of steroid infusions for y ongoing pulmonary problems. They pumped me with a mega dose - 3000mg or roughly 36x the dose they give to stop Covid! Unfortunately on the third night I went to the loo and totally lost my balance - major fall which included bouncing off the loo from my back, ripping skin and generally screwing myself over. It's taken two weeks and three visits to the chiro for the pain to
  8. Phil my friend, it’s great to hear you’re still a Alive and kicking! I too have decide 2020 is my Anna’s Horribilis. This years tally so far includes: Ruptured Achilles rehab from last year Ruptured Lung and artery, which got me hospitalised and led to Covid, which laid me low for eight weeks and ended up with me lying anotheb15% of my lung, so the medics put me on Massive Oral Steroids, which made me awfully ill and left me with hypokalaemia. Just before I went through skin tumour removal, followed by infused mega dose Steroids, to try
  9. Can we have a poll on London underground stations so we can all shout "MORNINGTON CRESCENT!"?
  10. As a young lad I used to fantasise about Sandy Beds which for some reason also brought to mind a particular young lady in the local convent school. But enough of such memories. Can I vote for Millbrook railway station which serves the villages of Millbrook and Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire, England, on the Marston Vale Line, between Stewartby and Lidlington. I recall it with great fondness as I organised the first ever exhibition t the nearby Millbrook proving ground for Motor Transport Magazine which involved shipping 75 HGV's and 1500 of the UK's top transport Ma
  11. I got them because I wanted a much more prototypical separation ( blimey that's hard to write when your fingers are stiff!) However I found they didn't really seem to close the coaches up more han the standard tension locks, and they still didn't like corners. I probably should have tried them on the Mk1 Pullman set which kept uncoupling, but as others have pointed out an 8 coach rake permanently coupled is a night mare to handle. I tried doing them in four car sets with tension lock in the middle, but that wasn't a lot better, so I bought load of Kadees that I've not yet fitted!
  12. IF my railway wasn't;t all boxed up I'd send a bunch of the Bachman pipes over - they are awful!
  13. I seem to recall that the East coast sheds and crews hated them, but the West Coast mob, e.g. Carlisle thought they were brilliant! But then if you're used to the vagaries of firing Stonier designs versus the free steamers of Gresley and Peppercirn you would say that wouldn't you!
  14. Thanks Ian - Poor Phil I know it laid me out for eight weeks, and according to my pulmonologist, as our Cousins across the water call them, it was only the steroids I'm on that got me through!
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