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  1. Clearly all my birthdays are about to arrive at once - I just received the following emails... Dear Respected One, Nice To Meet You, I write briefly to seek for your partnership to assist me in the transfer and investment of my inheritance funds (USD 9.5M) Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars from my late father who died mysteriously. Am Miss.Zalanda Mubarak, I am 19 years old,am only child of my late parents Mr.and Mrs.Alhaji Bilal Mubarak. I got your contact email from international domain database and I decided to contact you for this offer, That is based on trust and your outstanding, Please reply me back only if you are interested to asist me for more details. Your urgent response will be appreciated. Talk to you the more sincerely. Regards Mis.Zalanda Mubarak. So, apologies in advance, It looks like I am about to be spending a great deal of time working out how to spend all that lovely lolly. Apparently all I have to do is phone the low-rate international number tell her all my bank account details and passwords, and she'll pop the money in quick as a flash! Todle pip!
  2. Ah REME- wasn’t it your lot whose slogan was ‘ if at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer?’
  3. While looking through some family phots inherited from my mother I found one of herself and me standing outside the front door taken in 1973. Not quite recognising the callow youth in front of my eyes, the thing that most struck me was the hair - not just the dark lustrous colour, but the great thick mane of the stuff cascading down to my shoulders. My hair has since continued its downward migration. Ah for those old and innocent days.
  4. Well not so much sunny as thoroughly bedraggled! SWMBO has been getting my help with her hobby- gardening. IMHO the best description of this is ‘the eternal hope that optimism will overcome Nature’ at least I get to play with machines though!
  5. I wondered why it had all gone so quiet up the Junction - You Ok Phil?
  6. I believe they bought it many years ago - I'd love to see it go around second radius curves! But given I'm thinking of a preservation era engine shed, and Peterborough had a swedish engine for a while,SVR has an S160, plus lots of societies had USA tanks - one cannot help but wonder 'what if the EU hadn't got rid of steam and needs something bigger than a Kriegslok...?'
  7. Coming back to railway topics for a moment Would I be stretching even Rule 1 beyond breaking point if I put one of these in my new shed layout? https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/rivarossi-h0-1-87-union-pacific-heavy-freight-train-steam-locomotive-class-4000-big-boy-running-number-4014-special-edition-in-celebration-of-the-150th-anniversary-of-the-first-transcontinental-railroad.html I know now I shouldn’t, for a million reasons... but...
  8. Totally not football related, but a friend of mine's father passed away last year and is now trying to sort out the collection. There are various GWR, BR, ex LNER, LMS and even one or two SR locos in the collection, which ranges from early HD through Tirang to Airfix Lima and one or two later dat achy and Cringeby products. He's been offered £ 12 a loco by one of the dealers - lots have been repainted, albeit very well, ad there are precious few boxes, but dies the seem cheap to you folks or about right given the pig in a pokery nature go buying collections?
  9. Whats the point of a bush if not to be grabbed occasionally?
  10. Thanks for asking Clive, we've almost finished the building work and SWMBO has got me into gardening, so between us we've seeded offer 3000 square metres of lawn that used to be massively overgrown borders. We've also taken about 10 trailer loads of stuff we decided we didn't really need after all to the tip, and managed to get all the railway boxes, and a lot of others into he new manacle which is about half the size of the last one. I did realise that going back over time, on every occasion on which I've completed the circuit of a model railway, I've found myself moving house two years later. As we have no intention of leaving this one, perhaps I ought to comsooider an end to end - I do have 21' to do it in, s it could ba an interesting opportunity. However, it's certainly not going to provide me with modelling space that willl accommodate the 200-odd coaches, 100+ locos and 200 trucks I brought with me - I sense a spot of Fleabaying coming on!
  11. Don't like the new editing software - makes it very hard to update a post!
  12. Sorry for the slow response - catching up with the works has been very time consuming. I also just got sidetracked by a friend's father\s recent passing which has resulted in him having 200 odd locos to dispose off! In case anyone's interested, I've attached a few pics of what he has been sorting out - I'm over there next week trying to match up locos with tenders and boxes!
  13. Until I see photographic proof I refuse to believe it!
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