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  1. THAt's a damned impressive bit of work there Richard - Very well done!
  2. Another Paddington vote from me. My father took me there in the '60s, and we were able to walk freely to the platform ends and listen tot he wondrous sounds of Maybach engines at full chat exiting the station with 10 bogies astern. We also spotted a DMU and I asked my father why the front of it said 'Reading'. HE replied that this was a special train for people who wished to quietly read their newspapers and books. I was deeply impressed at the tender age of 9 or whatever, that a railway looked after its passengers so well!
  3. I didn't mean the door, I meant the numberplate!
  4. Hi David You've probably thought of this, but I used to get them off with a very sharps scalpel and a flat file Takes a while but pays off. ATB Peter
  5. Hi David, Back in the day is when I was hacking models about myself, nowhere in Tony’s me it must be said, I found a very effective trick with handrail knobs was to get a piece of handrail were and bend it into a V shape. I will then thread 100 knob onto this, and offer it up to the pre-drilled holes in the boiler, with a suitable dab of superglue on the back. It took a few goes to get the hang of it, but once mastered, it proved to be a very effective technique. The pictures coming models look fantastic! ATB Peter
  6. Gilbert I have a tried and tested method of successfully wrangling a duvet. 1) Lay the duvet cover flat on the bed with the opening at the bottom of the bed 2) Open up all the buttons at the bottom 3) Grab the duvet, which will still hopefully be lying on the floor from when you pulled it out for washing and find the two top corners 4) Holding both corners with your left hand, introduce the duvet to the cover and feed it up to the top right hand corner with the right hand (Seen from above standing at the bottom of the bed) 5) Now hold the fight hand corner with both cover ad duvet corners together as they should be with your right hand 6) Move your left hand, holding onto the left hand corner of the duvet to the top left hand corner of the assemblage. 7) Transfer your left hand to be outside the duvet - you may have to put it on the bed for this 8) spread your arms wide, holding the duvet, give it a shake, and the cover will magically fall down the duvet and envelope it. 9) Give the thing a couple of very good shakes to move all the weight towards the top 10) Repeat (9) if necessary to get the side to side distribution correct 11) Close up the buttons at the bottom 12) Turn down the corner on whichever side you get in /out and place a chocolate on the pillow for later Job Done - Simples!
  7. Dion't blame me I'm just a good follower!. Anyway I like AL5s, but not as much as AL6's
  8. THat's a second from me! Maybe you should just do a poll of 'Favourite ever loco!'
  9. Isn't that to try and stop herons? Or is that another thread I'm following ( too hot, too hot!)
  10. THere's only one way to stop this debate.... Mornington Crescent!
  11. To Be sure it was Michael & Patrick on a beer mat in the Liffey Arms based on something they seen when they were 'over'
  12. In which case I hereby invite my Great Northern cousin To consider the amazing products of Inchicore Works
  13. By that reckoning I’d be the king of Ireland !
  14. OK Now I can vote for the H2!
  15. Can I nominate the ‎LBSCR H2 Atlantic, or is that the wrong works?
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