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  1. The CR signals lamp kits are now built and ready for painting, I was a little surprised at the size of the LED's - you can just about make one out above the £1 coin in the picture. After a few curses I've built up four lights, two double lights and a single light for the quarry, and then a single lamp with a ladder for the loco shed. Just hoping they survive the priming and painting stage now before they're installed
  2. Thanks all I've just had a couple of lamp kits arrive from CR signals so there will be light in the quarry and shed soon!
  3. A couple more pics.... 33030 sits in the rear siding between workings. This is a Dapol model, which creeps along and is excellent for shunting with the kadee couplings. The overall view of the layout A class 47 is about to leave the yard and head towards the stabling point further up the line whilst the driver of 33030 has a well-earned cuppa in the yard office. That's it for now. I've also got a few class 66's that will appear at some point in the future
  4. A few more pics from the layout - with some traction! A few Railfreight and BR workings today I still need to set the buildings in and finish off the static grass before adding vegetation. Getting there! None of the structures, including the pipework are fixed in position yet. I'm still painting and tweaking so that's why the a-frame supports look a bit off in this picture. 08834 sat in the rear siding between workings. Now it's chipped I've begun the weathering. The Class 37 Grainflow was the first loco I've installed sound on and it works fantastically well, seen here slowly pulling trucks through the hopper. Jumping to BR Blue (my other favourite period) 33030 enters the facility with a rake of empties. More to follow.....
  5. Thanks all for the kind comments I've been busy painting and weathering the buildings this month. I've added some signage (which needs weathering) and once the buildings are complete then they'll be set in place and blended in with the road or static grass added around the bases. I also need to finish off the static grass on the right-hand side of the layout around the road. Apologies for the poor quality of pictures - using my phone again but hopefully after a lighting tweek the colours are looking a bit more realistic - I've borrowed a DSLR so will be taking some better pictures soon. I think I may keep the hopper but may move its location to the rear shorter siding, this will allow trains arriving at the facility to use the longer middle siding. The second baseboard is coming along well too, and the beginnings of a small loco servicing facility are taking shape. This 3-foot board is predominately a fiddle yard but I wanted to avoid just having a fiddle yard board. The thought here is that I can run my 2 coach DMU along the front track whilst loco's not required in the facility can be moved to the shed. Having spent an evening playing trains this makes the layout much more interesting to operate. The board has two 3-track sector plates on it, one hidden on the right-hand side to feed the shed and branch line and one longer sector plate hidden behind the whole scene. As for the signals, I had them in my box and thought why not - with the working ones, having a few more switches to operate to control movements makes the whole layout more enjoyable to operate. I realise I need to take some pictures with some trains on the layout!! Tom
  6. I'm still slowly painting up the buildings but have been distracted by building the fiddle yard board. I decided that rather than have a plain old fiddle yard board, that I would try and hide the storage sidings behind another modeled section. The board is from Model Railway Solutions and measures 3x1, making the overall length of the layout 6x1. I'm thinking the front tracks on the board (the concrete and wooden sleeper track in the picture) would be the modeled section, whilst the rear sector plate would be hidden. The front sector plate would also be hidden and is just long enough to house a two-car DMU or short freight working, I'm thinking the wooden sleeper front siding will be used as a stabling/fueling point to store the growing loco collection and add operating interest. Although there will be a scenic break between the facility/quarry end and this board, it'll be nice to model two different sections of line on the same layout. Another job that's been sat on the workbench for a while was converting a 08 for the layout. There was just enough room to squeeze a Lenz Silver mini decoder in and a stay-alive chip from YouChoos and it crawls along very happily. The sun was coming through the window this evening and I couldn't resist a couple of pics... Just needs a good weathering now!
  7. Thanks for the kind comments! I've always been inspired by Chris's layouts - it was seeing what he could achieve in such a small space that finally made me decide to dust off the storage boxes. I've always liked the 'facility' layout as it seems far more interesting to operate in a smaller space than a minimum space station would be. I've also added the hopper back in, I found the right shade of green and after one coat it's beginning to sit better for me. Just a lot of weathering to go and it'll look the part
  8. Thanks I'm not entirely sure where the vehicles came from, I've had them for years stored away.
  9. Almost a month has passed since the last post, no idea where the time goes! Been busy this month so the modeling has slowed down a pace, but I've managed to get some paint on to one of the main buildings on the layout and I've also added some foliage to parts of the layout (I think this is one of the most frustrating things to get right!). I've also removed the hopper from the second siding for the time being as I think it overcrowded the scene, after operating it for an evening without it on I think I prefer seeing the trains more than hiding them in a hopper. Thoughts are the wagons will be loaded via digger instead.
  10. So the last couple of weeks haven't seen much change on the layout in terms of buildings, I'm researching and finding the right colours for the buildings...but...in the meantime, I have fitted a Zimo sound decoder to a Class 37 and I'm super impressed - it's my first sound install and it's working very well. Really enjoying the layer it adds to the hobby - I think the next few years birthday presents may include some more sound decoders! After completing that install I was looking at some of my old DC loco's that I've yet to chip. I'm always up for a challenge so I've also converted an old Dapol 0-6-0 Terrier, which, after initial testing really wasn't that great, it has such a small wheelbase and as it passed over any frog or very very slightly uneven section of track it would grind to a halt - not ideal when all I want to do is some slow shunting in the facility. So after getting frustrated with it constantly stalling I decided to try and squeeze a stay alive circuit into the cab - along with the original motor resistors, the Lenz Silver Mini chip, a stay alive circuit chip and a 330uf capacitor. I had to sacrifice the small metal weight which sat in the back of the cab to fit the capacitor but it all fits, tightly but it fits. It now works in a very similar way to the real loco due to not having much weight to it. It seems very happy pulling 3 or 4 wagons or 1 coach, which is absolutely ideal for my needs. The engine driver figure is hiding all the gubbins but I will probably replace him with someone that's not waving. Super happy with this loco now, I can crawl her along at more realistic speeds, she doesn't stall at all on frogs or dirty track, there's just enough juice in the 330uf capacitor to keep her rolling if there's a momentary loss of power. Although I'm basing the layout in the early 80's, I'm sure Stepney will now make a daily appearance
  11. Just had a browse through your Cavalex site, some really lovely models there! I like the look of the Class 91 Will you be offering the Standard Wagon PGA's in N gauge as well as 2mm? Guessing it's easy to switch the wheelsets? I was also planning a trip to TINGS so look forward to saying hello. All the best, Tom
  12. Hi Cav, I found your layout thread this morning and I've spent a large portion of my Sunday reading through the development of this layout and Outen Road. Both are absolutely fantastic, inspiring to see how they came together. Keep up the good work and hopefully see them at an exhibition soon! Best wishes, Tom
  13. Buildings have been primed ready for painting and weathering but that can wait for now - actually ran some trains today! Pic of the Farish Class 37 'Tre Pol and Pen' about to run around the hoppers.
  14. I've had a couple of evenings free to finish off some of the buildings. The pipe has now been added to the drainage pipe in the centre of the layout and the buildings are nearly ready for a coat of primer - hoping the rain stops soon! I've also fitted the fiddle yard covering bridge and added the plaster road over it at that end of the layout.
  15. Hi Duncan, Thanks! I was a bit unsure at first whether I'd have any issues as some of my stock is around 15 years old so I didn't know whether I'd have any issues with flanges, especially through the points. So far I have had one issue, which was on a Class 47, but that was due to the back-to-back gauge not being quite right on one of the wheelsets, but with a quick adjustment, it works flawlessly. I've run wires to every individual rail on the layout, including the point blades and this has meant I can crawl any loco slowly through the points without it juddering to a halt. From my experiences so far I'd say it is better than the Peco track, the gaps between the frog and blades is smaller so less chance of a stall and the overall appearance of the track is so much more realistic. I'd highly highly recommend it, and I've also seen Waynes now making concrete sleeper flexi track and single slips so now I just need another layout to try those out! Cheers Tom
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