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  1. The Dapol 16t kit has an openable door.
  2. Has anybody else had problems with these. Just had the third one emit lots of smoke. No obvious reason, all wiring correct and no short circuit indication from the DCO(MERG) or Command station and boster(MERG).
  3. Is it realy worth reparing, there is no real service on this line. The same goes for the Blaenau Ffestiniog line a town served by an hourly bus service or four trains a day, that's if it hasn't rained and the lines closed. The Central Wales is also a prime example of this compete waste of money with four trains a day if your lucky. All prime candidates for closure if you ask me.
  4. The addresses ar 101 and 121. There is power, and all other locos seam to work fine, but did have a problem will erratic running with a couple of others, but this seams to have been cured possibly by resetting the decoders. Using short addressing at mo for bot, but will try long to see if that makes any dif. And yes JMRI.
  5. So long as the cranes dont hit the power lines again as they did last year it should all go well. If the power goes off they probably have.
  6. Me mate pulled the short staw for this. He got the 6pm - 6am shift for Cuddy group,removing the waste.
  7. Ok I have two locos that will run quite hapily with sprog but wont run under sprog command station. These use different decoders (DDC concepts and Gaugemaster opti25) . Both run quite hapily with my Bachman dymam9is pro set up. what am i doing wrong.
  8. This site looks interesting. http://www.rendertextures.com
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