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  1. Hi, I’ve just built this Faller N gauge roundabout and motorised it using the correct Faller motor. The instructions say apply acid and resin free oil between the stationary baseplate and the bottom disc of the roundabout. Both are plastic and there is a fair amount of contact where the two surfaces meet. It does run without oil reasonably well. Should I apply oil, if so what do you recommend? All I’ve got in stock is Peco electrolube. The Faller motor 629 runs off 12 - 16v AC using 60mA. Everything else on the micro layout its going on runs off 9 - 12v DC. Will the Faller motor run off that or do I really need a 16v AC supply too? Thanks
  2. A new modelling project making one of those.
  3. Yes, one of my friends Missus was on it. Train couldn’t be moved. Had to be evacuated onto another on the adjacent line. She got home 6 hours late. She wasn’t a fan of trains before that, even less so now.
  4. Yesterday I helped to run my friends 009 layout which has the new Bachmann 009 steam locos (Hunslet and Linda) with sound and operated using a NCE Powercab. The locos have all been run in and and very lightly oiled, including the motion, plus the decoders have been tuned for running the little locos. The steam locos run fine once they are going, but are very reluctant to set off from stationary. Does anyone know the cause of this and how to resolve it? In contrast, identical locos on a DC controlled layout were happy to set off. Furthermore my Kato 109 powered diesels all are happy to set off on my non-DCC layout.
  5. I managed to get there today, most enjoyable. Interesting layouts and plenty of opportunities to chat with operators and get ideas, including using PMW controllers as inexpensive small controllers for micro layouts and using a desk lamp to illuminate your layout. Thanks everyone for your help and time. Yet again I spent far too much, mainly on 3D printed buildings.
  6. Left over staircase from another building kit.
  7. I made a class 13 from two Lima 08s when I was still at school. To help with the running I wired the pickups from the slave unit to the motor on the master unit. Not perfect but It looked OK and ran OK.
  8. Does anyone know if there are rover tickets in Belgium or other cheap ways of getting around by train?
  9. I saw a fair bit of the new Hornby TT stuff a few days ago. Have to say it is a nice size and loos good. Could well be tempted.
  10. Interesting pics, thanks for sharing. But what are those three points sticking out of the clouds?
  11. The tail wagging the dog.
  12. I went into the cafe yesterday for a brew and cake. Chose a mug of tea and a chunk of rocky road, it had a pothole in it. The lass behind the counter didn’t get my joke. 😃
  13. I’m gutted, I arranged time off work at the weekend so I could go, but engineering work on the real railway made the journey impossible. ☹️☹️☹️
  14. We had exactly that problem several years when Lancaster was hit by major floods. Quite amusingly, I was down to drive a rail replacement coach during the floods. Got told by the rail company to wait at our garage and they would phone if I was needed. At the depot the mains electricity was off because of the floods, and the mobile signal was off because it had no power. So at the depot there was no way of contacting me.
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