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  1. Are you sure you didn't mean Great Western Locomotives? Davey
  2. Not in the context that's normally used, but this surely gives a whole new meaning to "open access"!
  3. Hi Joseph, I wasn't aware that I had duplicated a thread and apologise for doing so. However, I'm sure that there are people like me, who were aware of the original post, so might I respectfully request that my post remains in situ, so that others, unaware of this film, might enjoy it and wonder at what we have lost. Regards, Davey
  4. Yesterday I came across this little gem - " Changing face of Railways" on Freeview Channel No. 95 CCXTV. I would highly recommend watching it when it is repeated tomorrow, Monday 11th May, on the same channel from 17:30 - 18:30. The programme description reads as follows: 'In the 1960's, the railway network very radically changed as British Railways carried out it's modernisation programme. This unseen archive has been compiled to tell the story of the railways in colour.' The film concentrates on the four regions of BR operating out of London, together with footage of London transport. Among steam locomotive classes featured, there is black & white footage of 60022 'Mallard' leaving Kings Cross and colour footage of Duchess, 46256 'Sir William Stanier FRS' at the head of a WCML express. Stanier 8F's, Bulleid Pacifics, Standard Classes and WR steam also appear in colour. For the modern enthusiast there is colour footage of Class 31's, 40's, Peaks, 47's, Deltic's, Warships, Westerns and AC & DC electrics. SR and Eastern Region EMU's also feature, together with underground trains. I would rate this as one of the best, most factually accurate railway documentaries I have seen. Refreshingly, it doesn't treat people with an interest in railways as 'anoraks'.
  5. That J77 is obviously working a cyclic diagram! Davey
  6. An unidentified Super Voyager heads north through Greenholme on the southern approach to Shap Summit on the 2nd May 2008
  7. I don't have a smart phone, don't intend getting one and am quite happy with my Nokia C2. I have life to be getting on with, why would I waste hours on a smartphone! Davey
  8. What wonderfully atmospheric shots, you can almost feel the cold. Davey
  9. If I may, photo number 100 does not show a Midland Railway locomotive, but a SE&CR liveried former LC &DR A Class 0-4-4T No. 565 built by Neilson & Company in 1875. Davey
  10. Hi Simon, Love the Tilbury Tank. It's a well detailed model, nicely painted and weathered. Good luck with the H1. I think going down the scratch build road is a very wise decision. Davey
  11. Hi Simon. I'm fine thanks, hope you are too. Very little progress to report recently. It seems that most of the etchings are dimensionally or prototypically incorrect, or both! Consequently this build becomes more and more of a scratch-build project. The whole project to date can be likened to walking through a minefield! I will of course post details of any progress I make...…...but don't hold your breath please. Davey
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