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  1. Jim, That is an incredible change! I assume it is the right spot (Radcliffe Olympic FC and Radcliffe on Trent skate park). The last time I was in Racliffe on Trent I hardly recognised the place. David
  2. A number of useful things got done today. I took four big (large Aldi size bags) of books to a charity shop this morning. I donate to three charities, the one I went to today is quite local and recently opened a new shop in a small shopping centre where parking is available outside the door. While I was there I signed up to gift aid for them. I now longer have any piles of books on the floor at home - today's were mainly some from Mum's which I've realised I will never read. I hope someone else will enjoy them - they were certainly welcomed by the staff. After that I went to the barber, as usual there was no queue, he was closed yesterday as it was his wife's 60th birthday. I had a walk round the town centre and a look at the market. The plant stall has returned so I will go down and buy anything else I need in the near future - his plants always grow. Overall there were a few more stalls today and more people about. A friend along the road rang me when I got home, we had a good chat about books and auctions, he is taking some railway stuff to an auction house to enter in a sale - he worked for BR and has odds and ends he collected back then. The afternoon has been more scanning, some photos with no captions are not getting done. There are a lot of Mum and Dad around Bigbury and Challaborough in Devon, they went on holiday there. Apparently they both used to surf. Lastly I went in the garden and did a bit of tidying. Apparently this is how you dressed when going for a day out in a car in the early 20s. The young woman was my grandmother. David
  3. Radcliffe on Trent comes next with usual Class 114s and a couple of loco hauled trains. Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham May 75 J4279 Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Grantham to Nottingham May 75 C2056 Radcliffe on Trent Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Manchester Jan 77 C3186 Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Skegness to Nottingham Jan 78 J5913 Radcliffe on Trent Class 37 Manchester to Parkeston Quay June 79 C4584 David
  4. The first production series date back to 1952 (Class 795), the Class 798 in the photo were built between 1955 and 1962 so before the BR railbusus. I think the BR railbuses were derived from them. David
  5. Another black and white photo from a large print, taken at Nottingham Victoria. He took this when he was 24 years old, a couple of months before his 25th birthday. David
  6. Some glimpses of sun this morning. In a few minutes I shall be taking 4 karge bags of books to a charity shop, I hope to find the barber is open as well. Then it depends on whether the weather behaves and stays dry. David
  7. Switzerland again this morning, this time at Koblenz which is just inside Switzerland on the south bank of the Rhine. There is a railway bridge across the river to Waldshut in Germany. Within Switzerland there are lines to Turgi and Eglisau. Koblenz Re4/4i 10027 Winterthur to Basel 6th Aug 88 C10265 Koblenz BDe4/4 1646 Wettingen to Zurzach 6th Aug 88 C10266 Koblenz Re4/4i 10027 6th Aug 88 C10267 Koblenz rear of train with BDe4/4 1646 6th Aug 88 C10268 Koblenz Teiii 177 6th Aug 88 C10269 Koblenz Tmii 636 6th Aug 88 C10273 Koblenz DB Class 798 798 751 6th Aug 88 C10274 Train from Waldshut David
  8. My day so far... Church was fine with some nice coffee and shortbread biscuits after. I went in to town and found the barbers was closed - what a surprise. He is closed today, open tomorrow, closed Saturday and Monday, open Tuesday. The rain had eased so I did a bit of shopping including finding a DVD in a charity shop about Luzern and ther Vierwaldstättersee. It apparently includes footage of the paddle steamers and a ride up the Rigi on the rack railway. It was only 50p and might be better than watching the news. In fact I won't watch much news now until sometime in July. The rest of the day has been spent scanning more photos, this time between about 1890 and 1952. For the first time I've found a photo of my maternal great grandfather's first wife who died around 1904 and is my "real" great grandmother i.e. my grandmother's mother. The lady I knew as my great grandmother was the second wife and was only a few years older then my grandmother. I also found a lot of photos of me as a baby and of Mum and Dad's friends at the time, I vaguely remember some of them from when I was 4 or 5, they must all be dead now. I am coming across a very small number of photos of things with wheels and others in buildings with levers associated with thing which have wheels and run on steel. It has now stopped raining but it is very wet. There won't be any gardening for a few days. David
  9. I've got irises in my garden too. It is still very wet. David
  10. Ratcliffe on Soar again, still between Trent and Loughborough on the Midland. Ratcliffe on Soar A3 4472 Flying Scotsman Mystery Tour No3 St Pancras to Kings X March 69 J1564 Ratcliffe on Soar 44008 up freight and Class 45 down l e Mar 75 J4150 Ratcliffe on Soar Class 25 down l e Apr 75 J4251 Ratcliffe on Soar Class 45 45145 up June 76 J5332 Ratcliffe on Soar 2 Class 20 up ballast Feb 83 C5941 David
  11. Nottingham Victoria Caption says 60866, the original print with a lens looks like 60866, scan looks like 60869 There was a duplicate of this post which a few people had "liked", I have hidden it to avoid confusion. I've no idea where the duplicate came from, it wasn't there when I edited this post to add the bit about the loco number. David
  12. The rain has now changed to a steady drizzle so no photography today. I will go to the usual srvice at church then after coffee I may go and see if the barber is not on another holiday. Then I will scan more photos. Thinking of the photos of the ship yesterday I wonder if my grandfathers ship happened to be there when another ship sank? David
  13. Pelaw Junction and around Sunderland this morning. Pelaw Junction T&W Metro to Bankfoot going away 1st Aug 85 C7026 Pelaw Junction Class 37 empties from Sunderland line 1st Aug 85 C7031 Pelaw Junction Class 101 Newcastle to Sunderland 15th Aug 85 C7132 Sunderland Jan 83 C5926 Sunderland River Wear bridges Jan 83 C5927 Sunderland south docks branch 37200 down ballast 30th May 86 C7567 Sunderland Grangetown crossing 37123 l e 30th May 86 C7569 David
  14. The Met Office website is working again for me now. It is actually good to know it wasn't just me! David
  15. Many thanks once again Andrew. I think it would have been taken on 17th August while I was on holiday in the area from Essex - I didn't move to the north east until 1980. David
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