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  1. Matthelm

    Dapol 'Western'

    Nice Shot of a Warship & 47 at Paddington in this 1968 Pink Floyd promo!http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ONmKpaUc5Ao&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DONmKpaUc5Ao
  2. Hi Pete, looking at my Bachmann D817 'Foxhound', the glazing is poorly fitted on both cabs, (inset) also slight moulding distortion on one cab roof which doesn't help, the Mainline D827 'Kelly' I have the glazing is better! Looking forward to see fan grilles fitted. Regards, Matt
  3. Can't understand people sitting at a long table in the road at 5am this morning?.

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    2. halfwit


      I thought about organising a street party but I didn't think they'd close the A6 just for me...

    3. Etched Pixels

      Etched Pixels

      Organise a barbecue under the M1 perhaps ?


    4. Horsetan


      Could you choose a different stretch of the M1 please? Your last attempt was a bit too close to home!

  4. Has bought a large box of "proper" Lightbulbs!...

    1. Etched Pixels

      Etched Pixels

      I was sorely tempted but bought some daylight spectrum newfangled ones instead and unlike the generic ones they seem to work nicely and I can paint under them


  5. My van is an oven!!

  6. Looking forward to Harlington Locomotive Society open day Easter sunday to see some beautiful live steam, well worth a visit...

    1. halfwit


      Harlington in Bedfordshire?

    2. Matthelm


      No Paul, Middlesex half a mile north of Heathrow Airport (A312)

  7. Who is the mole?

    1. Horsetan


      The one living in a hole?

    2. halfwit


      Mole backwards is elom. This has no bearing on anything.

  8. Is wondering whether to purchase a Bach/Farish Western or wait for Dapol to release theirs?...

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    2. Sailor Charon

      Sailor Charon

      Another vote for Wait...

    3. Matthelm


      Yeah, looks like I'll wait for the Dapol, I always thought the Farish 52 was one of their better offerings but put off by that horrid split valance...

    4. SeanNeedham


      I'd wait and see as well.

  9. Hi jim, I had a similar problem with my Bachmann Warship that had been stored for 8 years, (made high pitched squeal and barely moved) when i ran it recently, Turned out to be lack of lubrication in gear towers! Cleaned old congealed white factory grease out re-lubed with Labelle oil, now runs smooth and silent. Hope this helps regards Matt...
  10. Matthelm

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi all, Great to see progress so far, Captures nose/peak accurately looking good for a great model of a fine Locomotive.
  11. Day off today, or so i thought been "volunteered" to cut down 25ft Leylandii in sisters back garden! Timberrr...

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    2. Grafarman


      (altogether now) He's a lumberjack and he's ok; he sleeps all night and he works all day

    3. ozzyo


      Do you put on women's clothing and hang around in bars?

    4. Horsetan


      ...or want to be a girlie, just like your dear Mama?

  12. Watched an episode of the Sweeney lastnight, caught a quick glimpse of a Western going past Southall Gasworks on the up line, must be around 1975 sounded nice...

    1. Boris


      Theres another one where they are chasing crooks sidings filled with whizzos and Hymeks!

    2. Fiat500


      Shows like that used railways in background a lot - a good shot at Euston of an 86 with the '0000' headcode opens up the 'Hard Men' episode at Euston in '78 - was on ITV4 today.

    3. (The) Youth

      (The) Youth

      top tv, much better than some of the stuff coming out now!!!

  13. Just filled my car up, phew! must go and lie down...

    1. Horsetan


      Expensive, isn't it? :-(

  14. M25 clear today! 2 days on the trot what's going on?

    1. beast66606


      Has it been widened ?

    2. 28XX


      The price of fule has gone up. This happened last time it went up suddenly.

    3. Chris Nevard

      Chris Nevard

      A M25 in Surrey was a total gridlock on both directions. Yesterday was very quiet -I gather it was the big 'sick day' of the year.

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