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  1. Bachmann must be fairly confident in the current D&E market because I don’t remember ever seeing such a strong and frequent set of new tooling releases before, whether steam or diesel. We should be grateful for that confidence, which without doubt will be supported by sales, research etc. Anyone reading the Accurascale Class 60 thread will have read that its designer Steve Purves had, whilst at Bachmann, suggested they produce it but obviously as a company they decided against. So whilst the youthfulness of the current team may have a bearing on they want to produce, it doesn’t mean that that is sufficient to see a particular model being produced. Personally I hope that this concentrated series of new tooling D&E releases doesn’t mean that new liveries/tooling options on previous releases get forgotten. When are we going to see green 47s (SYP & FYE) with Sercks, for example? I’m sure steam outline will get its turn in due course. At which no doubt we D&E modellers will wonder when it’s our turn again! As for the Class 08/09, whilst it looks very good, it’s not a class of loco that has a wow factor and large prototype following - like Westerns or 50s for example - and their use on layouts isn’t to watch them gloriously pulling long and prestige trains, so I am unlikely to see them as a must buy and instead will keep my current Bachmann and Hornby versions until they need to be replaced.
  2. It’s interesting that the Class 31 is showing the correct headcode 1S17. If it had been an on route failure with the loco summoned at short notice, would the crew have bothered - or had time - to change the headcode? I suspect keefer is probably correct and the Deltic has been able to reach somewhere where the 31 was available and waited, during which the crew set the headcode.
  3. The NYMR loco is 80135, not 80136.
  4. Although Kernow MRC has had a lot of its exclusives reissued under the EFE brand, the Class 205 was produced by Kader for Bachmann so I would imagine any centre car (or new 3-car Class 205s) would also come from Kader/Bachmann. I don’t think they’d transfer the tooling to another manufacturer, thank goodness. Yes… while a Hastings unit is of no interest whatsoever, a Tadpole would go down a treat having used them to and from school.
  5. At some point recently KMRC has uploaded new images of its 86402 limited edition, which now have the correct front end detail, although the single lamp iron to the right of the headlight is absent. Perhaps its the lighting conditions, but at least in this image the blue looks better too. Very tempted.
  6. Step into Christmas - Elton John
  7. Has the shed door incident been explained and I’ve missed it? Looking at the door and shed wall, the hinge is bent at the top suggesting that is where the impact was, yet if caused by a pannier tank (presumably) the buffers extend furthest forward so the impact should have been near the bottom of the door. Or am I just overthinking it…?
  8. That would certainly improve their reputation… NOT! Class 31s worked between Reading and Redhill on parcels trains from when the first batch were transferred from the ER to OC and BR depots in the pre-TOPS BR blue period, so you don’t even need to apply Rule 1. Both BR blue and Green FYE locos appeared. OC at least had a few skinheads in pre-TOPS blue. Snatmann on Flickr has several photos of 31s working 4O16 from Reading, one example is below.
  9. I wonder who designed that cab window strengthening modification. They really must have hated 31s to made them look as ridiculous as that. They did a much better job with the 37s although I still prefer their looks with the original cab windows.
  10. Not sure it’s an 86 either. It’s a long distance away but I can’t see any grills between the two cab door windows so more likely an 81 or 85 perhaps?
  11. The 30/31s showed June/July when the 25s were first shown as July/August so in theory they should still arrive first, but who knows. Maybe an earlier ship departure from China but will take longer to arrive in the UK. Aren't the review models sent in advance by air so the reviews can appear in the magazines on sale when the models arrive by ship?
  12. Kernow MRC’s photo is the same, but they have at least reproduced the description of the product which says that the stanchions are provided for fitment by the modeller.
  13. J5556 is 55012 It worked 1A15 09.20 Newcastle - Kings Cross on Saturday 4 December, so could be that day?
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