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  1. Thanks for the tip about the Roket Hot - that works really great. MDF really sucks up it up compared to a regular CA.
  2. Track Sample kits will be back in stock at the end of the week. They have been very popular.
  3. Elegoo Grey is now back in stock on Amazon.
  4. Throw it away. Your work looks way better.
  5. I have tried several things - the best solution is to use an ultrasonic cleaner if you have access to one.
  6. If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner it removes the yellow wax completely.
  7. I've had mixed results with my FUD orders so hopefully they can stabilise the process.
  8. I would like a Solidscape wax printer, but they cost ~30k.
  9. I very nearly clicked "buy" - think I will wait a while.
  10. I couldn't find anything where they explain the "0.0125mm" resolution. The images of printed parts on the blog certainly don't look like they have that resolution. Are there better images anywhere?
  11. I placed an order for FUD last Friday and have just had an email saying it will be delivered tomorrow. Very quick.
  12. If you are still looking for a typeface checkout Qotho - http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/scholtz/qotho-medium/ 'Medium' might be a good starting place and you can make adjustments in Illustrator, or other software.
  13. The Alco kit was started by Chivers some years ago. They have hinted recently that the kit will be finished off and put into production. d
  14. I have the C2A - this has the digital displays, but these are the most frustrating thing about the lathe for me as the batteries don't last very long and it seems I am forever changing them. Probably it would help if I remember to turn them off. The 2nd is the standard clamp on the tail stock - I have changed mine to a lever and cam and it makes the a big difference to the usability. d
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