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  1. As a rough guide, an image is in copyright if: the author is known and he/she died less than 70 years ago the author is unknown, but the image was first published less than 70 years ago. You can legally own a copy of an image in copyright, but that does not give you a right to publish the image, including on the internet. Bill
  2. ... but his bark is worse than his bite. Bill
  3. Tim, Is that the infamous 5 wheeled tender? Bill
  4. Paul, I saw you set up on Friday and watched for about half an hour on Sunday. Very interesting layout, well operated although you seemed to have issues with your DCC system. The grey and mustard tones felt right. Maybe 99% of your audience would have had no knowledge of Chinese railways, so a powerpoint presentation would have been helpful. For example, why blue, red and black/silver trains? where are the prototypes built? etc. Then what were the buildings? I hadn't realised one was a hotel. Of course you still have a couple of buildings and a motorway to finish before your next outing. When is this? Bill
  5. This bit: If you lose a child or vulnerable person, please tell the nearest steward and we will do our best to help you to become reunited as quickly as possible. Should we find an unaccompanied child or lost person, we will take them to the front desk area by the main entrance and look after them until the parent/guardian/carer arrives for a happy reunion. Bill
  6. Paul, You have posted in triplicate! If it's ok with you, I'll post comments on your layout thread. Bill
  7. Having read your Access Statement, does this mean there is someone with a Safeguarding Qualification able to attend the Front Desk at any time during the exhibition? Doesn't have to be there all the time, but contactable by mobile phone, radio or PA system. Bill
  8. John, No, please join in. What you wrote was interesting. We are allowed to wander along any highway or byway until "Sir" brings us into line. Bill
  9. bbishop

    P.O. wagons - history

    Andy, that was exactly what I was saying. Also, I think that mineral wagons had a harder life than freight wagons. Bill
  10. bbishop

    P.O. wagons - history

    I think 40 years could be an overstatement. It was a tough life, having 8 ton of nutty slack being dumped in you weekly(ish). I reckon a fair few were knackered after 20 years. Given that 1887 spec wagons were built until 1908 (there was an overlap) a number would survive until the late 1920s. At which time two factors intervened, Britain went into recession with a consequential tightening of capital spend, and houses were built without coal cellars. Collieries still wanted to lift coal, but had no means of storing it. One solution was to use superannuated wagons as mobile summer storage, making one annual circular trip. Then Hitler invaded Poland and the rest is history. Bill
  11. accommodate Bill, sorry one of my bête noir - the number of BT main board papers that I amended.
  12. Strangely, yes. I rang him about six months ago, asking for a bit for my heavy duty Antex. "Don't stock them, they are [email protected]". I then received a lecture about how dreadful Antex irons are. So at the next exhibition, I asked "Eileen's" lad for a bit. "80 or 100?" "Dunno, does it matter?" "Yes!" Plumped for 100 and got it right. Any of you drink full strength Coca-Cola? If so, then you are only drinking diluted green label. On the subject of irons, I also have a variable high temp iron Antex and a variable low temp Antex. Plus a 30w electrical one bought at Maplins, which truly is awful. Bill
  13. What a interesting weekend with the guys and gals wearing their costumes. Warley is in hall 5. Bill
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