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  1. Lacathdrale, just a thought, but you could extend the headshunt from P1 and join it to the down line. That would let you depart from P1 whilst arriving at any other platform. You would need advanced starters so you can use it as a headshunt whilst departing P2 - 4. Bill
  2. I knew there was a reason for keeping 45 years of Gauge O Guild Gazettes! Firmco kits were manufactured by F H Smith of Birchington Kent and marketed by Charles Covey. Many years ago, I kitbashed a T9 into an L11, borrowing a soldering iron from my father. Since superseded by a Finney kit. Bill
  3. Congratulations to das glückliche Nilpferd on becoming a grandfather again. I read about it at Waterloo, but I have read only access and anyway was rather busy dealing with the two pandemics. The other one is the common cold. I checked about the flu jab on my way home - expected in about three weeks - just a reminder for everyone to get AN INFLUENZA VACCINATION. Then cooked supper, watched the Tour de France (didn't expect that), worked on a set of accounts and suddenly it is time for bed. Bill
  4. In a wallow. In other news, I have a telephone appointment, next Wednesday. Bill
  5. Michael, You are not hijacking the thread. Your comments are appreciated. Bill
  6. The Yeti is better so off to join its siblings on a branch of the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway. I'm not, having done something at or near my Achilles tendon. Sore! I have to finish a set of accounts over the next couple of days. O fabrous joy. Not!! Bill
  7. Another "interesting" day. Sadly I cannot say more. Bill
  8. You will have a problem if the track clips are a British style, and German points have a double sleeper under the 'V'. Mind you, I've used Peco track for Blindheim. Bill
  9. I've managed to flatten the Yeti's battery. I found my charger (at least 40 years old) but eight hours later the engine isn't turning over. Ho hum. Can't do anything for two days, I'm at Waterloo and could be busy. Bill
  10. Tim, be very careful what you say about the station in someone's hearing. If he's told it's an Underground station he may use those paws to dig a hole in the garden and bury it for you. Bill
  11. Walk and the last half hour of the TdF. Bill
  12. Three acquaintances have died of Covid - one of whom was an occasional attender at our GOG group. I know a lot of people who have had it, but only four whom I would call friends. Oddly the pair who were very vulnerable only had it mildly, whilst the pair who should have shrugged it off had a bad dose. Logging off now, because I only have visitor rights tomorrow. I will delve into a few threads in the Modelling Zone. Bill
  13. So my decision for this afternoon is either a walk, lay some point motors in the garage or fall asleep in front of the TdF. A few years ago I cycled to Greenwich to watch it go past. As it was less than ten miles from the start, it was one man, then five seconds later the whole field flashed by. And that was that! Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday at Waterloo. Keep me amused. Bill
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