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  1. A complete sh1t. He lived in Petts Wood and one of his little tricks was to get to the railway station a few minutes before the CX train was due and walk to the front of the ticket queue , announcing "I am Peter West and I have an important meeting at the BBC". Until one day he tried it on my mother, who replied in her best Welsh accent "and I am Betty Bishop and you can queue like the rest of us". He missed the train. In other news, I watched a fair chunk of the girls match at Lord's, interrupted by a couple of patients. Very good cricketers, except for one thing, their running between the wickets. They jog the first run, then have a "shall we, shan't we" about the second run. However there is a future star in the making, Emma Copsey is only 16 and she hit the ball like a rocket for the Oval team. She will be playing for England in a couple of years. The boys were rained off and I got drenched. Bill
  2. Evening all, I'm at Lord's tomorrow for a brace of Hundred matches. My first time since August 2019 during which time they have built new Compton and Edrich stands. For Douglas's benefit, this is a game called CRICKET. Bill
  3. We have a few John Hayes locomotives on Southwark Bridge, including one kit where John had finished the chassis and started the body before he died. A comment about John and his executor, because we had no problems at all in recovering our property, especially as the original commissioner had died in the meantime. As has already been said, they run like sewing machines. The route on SB from platform line 7 to the down main is rather tortuous and we don't want the loco to have a hiccup as it traverses crossover 78. I can't be certain which are John's locos, but I know which aren't! Bill
  4. Not on the South Western; however, the Brighton was another matter. Bill
  5. I'm the custodian of the South Western Circle's photographic collection. Locomotives were often posed for photographs with the crew draped in front of the buffer beam and in the cab. Typical dress were baggy trousers, shirt, tie, waistcoat, pocket watch (driver) and maybe a high buttoned jacket. I reckon these were blue cotton jackets. And always a hat, more often than not a cloth cap, but older drivers could sport a bowler. Bill
  6. Just to say that I went onto the Menzels site last night and created an order from Grossbritanien. I created an invoice which did exclude German VAT. I also think there was an opportunity to type the Community Code into free text. Bill
  7. But maybe only for one or two modelling generations? By 2121 who would pay a premium for a loco owned by Tony Wright? Didn't he have a small layout called Bytham and apparently didn't like something called DCC. Anyway he filled the loco body with lead, so you can't fit a linear motor. Bill
  8. Safeguarding course passed! Now for Medicine management. Bill
  9. May I thank Tony for his hospitality on Wednesday. I enjoyed the banter, loved the layout (especially as I was put on the fiddle yard, but don't quite understand the kick back sidings). Sorry I haven't replied earlier, I have been preparing for an on-line Safeguarding course which will start in an hour! Bill
  10. It awfully quiet on this thread. I doubt that it is hangovers, because the majority hare are either Cymro or couldn't give a damn. I have broken off from the joys of a safeguarding course to type this. Bill
  11. As I am ambidextrous, I don't have a problem with a left handed screwdriver. Bill
  12. Were the B16s black, brown or even grizzly! Bill
  13. Jamie, you get all the sh1tty jobs. TdF gone past yet? Bill
  14. I went to Kwik Fit to change a tyre and was told my brake pads were illegal. Extracted the car and specifically asked the mechanic at the following week's MOT. He answered there was at least two years life in them but the way I drove probably meant three. They lasted four and after changing them he said there was probably another year left in them. I haven't been back to Kwik Fit. Bill
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