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  1. Beer bottle? I thought Oz beer came in "Tinnies". Bill
  2. This is a very inappropriate image, Richard, I'm allergic to oranges. Bill
  3. We are forbidden from using the "Q" word within the LAS. But yesterday it was, with about half a dozen calls all day. I'm not allowed to log into an external site on a LAS computer but can look off line. So I spent most of the shift following RMWeb and ER in particular; just couldn't join in. Well, I got my spin off quiz wrong, Bristol does/did have two and Exeter four, but Glasgow has/had three. Bill
  4. I haven't done much modelling recently. A month ago I was volunteering six days a week with the London Ambulance Service - this is now down to one day a week. During lockdown I have been working on the South Western Circle's photographic collections, from which I have selected an image of the most handsome Pacific tank in the country, Robert Urie's H16 class and known as the "Green Tanks". The image is out of copyright, obviously, but please respect our ownership. Bill
  5. Ian, you have three of m Exeter's, I did warn the fourth was a bit out of town. Bill
  6. Mike, I might be on a different quiz, but I have Glasgow and Bristol with two each and Exeter with four, albeit one is rather distant and might be discounted. Bill
  7. Richard, without looking it up, Packets were allowed to Exeter, rebuilt LPs to Plymouth and unrebuilt to most places in Devon and Cornwall. Everything took the Meldon Viaducts dead slow. Bill
  8. Spending the day at LAS. The good news is that I am very up to date with RMWeb! Bill
  9. I still use logarithms, albeit on my calculator. I work out "to the power of" by taking the log of the number, multiplying by the power, and using the "e to the x" function to take the antilog. In a rush to the LAS, Bill
  10. and it still fits! B
  11. Taking a big risk here Flavio, the ER rozzer may arrest you for spouting philosophy! To start with coffee! I have plugged myself into my blood pressure monitor whist drinking a mug of strong black coffee: quite a diastolic spike. Then my tablets kick in and it returns to c.130. I'm a non meat, minimal lactose eater on health grounds. We insert enough chemicals into the poor beastie before and after death - the final straw being trump's chlorinated chicken. (Incidentally now to be allowed after the lock down Parliament passed the Agriculture Bill). And bacon, enough chemicals to make it a cancer risk. So obviously I have no objections to meat substitutes. Veggie wurst? Very nice but a tad expensive. Veggie bacon? Consistency and taste of shoe leather! My meals for today? Breakfast - cheese on crispbread; lunch - avocado and tuna sandwich; supper - braised cabbage and onion with a fried egg.
  12. Any assistance from doggo? Bill
  13. Dom, in your photo of the cab controls, does Zwangsschließen electrocute all the passengers, or can you be specific? In other news, Minatur Wonderland is re-opening in Hamburg, but trains must maintain social distancing and the airport is closed. I've reached Eden, Bill
  14. So they might be introducing manual point switchers on the 1458. I can imagine Dom sailing round and round the city to the sound of Richard Wagner's Flying Dutchman overture. Back to Paddleboxes, Bill
  15. Sitting at home in my dressing gown; I'm on stand by today and, once the clock reaches ten, unlikely to be called. Could be working on Paddleboxes today. Bill
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