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  1. No 119 was actually scrapped about a decade earlier. Bill
  2. Spur Null - Lenz are offering a BR01 and a BR 89.8 Bill
  3. And should it be in Overseas Modelling rather than German Railways? Bill
  4. I think that German manufacturers can deduct German VAT. I have placed orders (außer EU) and they are processed without German VAT but with a stinking great postage charge. Bill
  5. Straying towards politics, does anyone else thing that one particular cabinet minister is starting a leadership campaign? Bill
  6. John, I think we should let people vent their feelings. The first post on this page is about an awful family situation. In similar circumstances, my language would not be as moderate. Bill
  7. I watched the swearing in and speech, just as evidence there is a sane English speaking leader on one side of the pond. Who is / was worse - US45 or UK55? Bill
  8. I would not have selected the one wearing glasses. Bill
  9. Also very efficient, took about an hour but that was because I walked in off the street and had to wait until the start of the "FRONT LINE WORKERS" slot. How else can they use the Pfizer jab when the people have been sent an invite don't bother to turn up. Otherwise it has to be thrown away. Bill
  10. Working from home today and it's all pretty well sorted. Feeing fine after yesterday's jab but glad that I'm not out in this weather. I may even do some modelling later. Bill
  11. Only essential shopping may be done so I have been out to buy the latest MRJ, with our own DH appearing in the editorial. Oh and whilst out, I walked into a health centre and got myself Pfizered! Basically front line medical staff could turn up after 3pm and get jabbed until they run out of vaccines. And I've also applied to be a Vaccination Care Volunteer. Working from home tomorrow. Bill
  12. James, more clarification needed: what happened to the blonde? Bill
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