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  1. I thought only Rowland Emmett used two wheelers. Bill
  2. Stephen, DD gave a talk to either the Nine Elms or the Eastleigh Locomotive Society. I have a copy somewhere in the South Western Circle records that I look after. Not sure where! My recollection is DD was fairly mild, something along the lines that compounding and superheating were not suited to our railway. I think he was probably correct on one score, definitely wrong on the other. Bill
  3. Thanks for reminding me to take a test. Bill
  4. anyone remember the screeching brakes on the Morris Marina. An uncle worked for Ford's at Hailwood and sent down a set of their brakeblocks. Dad fitted them in the drive with me acting as bleeder. Cured the screech. Dad's comment "Last time I did this, there were Germans firing at me". Bill
  5. Derbycentric members of TNM may wish to peruse the BEYOND DOVER thread in Overseas Modelling. Bill
  6. No you didn't, HH, 'cos that ain't no hooker - not with that hair. Bill
  7. No, not the Covid mask any more, especially in a medical setting. Oops, just realised he has a history degree: european history 1789 - 1815 and 1939 - 45? Bill
  8. Early days of Croydon Tramlink, especially on Addiscombe Road! A woman got out of her dented Lancia to ask the tram driver why he hadn't swerved to avoid her. Bill
  9. My parents met at Kimmel Camp, 31 December 1939. Bill
  10. Once my sister and I were of an age to be left outside a pub, perhaps eight and five, I would get a half of shandy and my sister a lemonade. Then on Sunday lunchtime, I would be sent to the "offy" with the previous week's empty * and half a crown to purchase a quart of cider - I could choose the variety - which would be divided pint, half, third, sixth. A sensible introduction to alcohol. Bill * the time when there was sixpence back on a bottle.
  11. later, I began with Haitink and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Bill
  12. If anyone were to fancy viewing the Southwark Bridge videos, they can be found on the Scalefour website, at Society shows | Scaleforum | 2020 Retrospective | 2020 Show Pages | Southwark Bridge Happy viewing. Bill
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